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Information for Faculty

The SLC Peer-Led Study Group Program values faculty support and recognizes how critical it is to our success. 

Peer-Led Study Groups are offered as an option for outside-of-class learning for introductory level natural science courses. The groups, composed of up to 13 students, meet weekly for two hours. Students who have already successfully completed the course at U-M, and who are trained in group facilitation and collaborative learning techniques, serve as Study Group Facilitators. Study Groups focus on engaging all members in the learning process, and may include activities like collectively reviewing notes, working together to solve problems or critiquing each other's work.  

SLC professional staff are always available to answer faculty questions, receive feedback about students' study group experience, or listen to ideas on how to improve the program. Faculty may also request study groups for courses where they are currently not offered. You can reach the Study Group Program staff by sending an e-mail to

"Cindy was great. At first I did not think she would be helpful because she never gave us answers...but then I realized she was helping us figure things out on our own... she really wanted our whole group to succeed." — Study Group Member“

I did not feel excluded in this study group as our group was essentially a melting pot of students.” — Study Group Member

“Brian was amazing. I actually am speechless right now because he was such an awesome study group facilitator that made me push myself to succeed. He just made everything feel so easy and provided such a unique learning environment.” —Study Group Member

“I have always felt respected and welcomed.  Ice breakers are actually a nice way to get to know other group members.” — Study Group Member

“Everyone's opinions were very well respected in the group. Each person had an equal say and we made sure to help each other stay on tract regardless of ability.” — Study Group Member

“Kuni was a phenomenal group facilitator. He truly helped each and every one of us, and made such a daunting and intimidating subject easy and comprehensible to learn. As a fellow student and peer, he is easy to relate to in terms of learning techniques, as he clearly presented the material to us in a way that students are able to understand. Overall, he was a spectacular leader, and I would recommend others who are taking organic chemistry, to participate in a study group led by Kuni.” — Study Group Member