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Elizabeth Asteriou
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Kira Berman
Assistant Director for Education
BSB B225 734.647.8574
Brittany Burgess
Student Affairs Program Manager
Nathan Carrillo
Office Manager
BSB 2276 734-764-0480
Michael Cherney
Exhibit Content Specialist
BSB B221 734-936-2950
Alicia Comer
Science Outreach Grants Manager
BSB B241 734-647-4103
Lori Ann Dick, APR
Marketing & Communications Manager
BSB B2288 734-763-3312
Eugene Dillenburg
Assistant Director for Exhibits
BSB B223 734.647.1382
Tim Donahue
Exhibits / Display Coordinator
BSB B221 734.936.2982
Sebastian Encina
Collections Move Consultant
Kevin Farmer
Program Development Manager
B227 Biological Sciences Building 734-615-5435
Jeanna Fox
Educational Outreach Manager
BSB B241 734-615-7116
Lynne Friman
BSB/Museum Project Manager Museum of Natural History
BSB 2284 734.764-2595
Amy Harris
Museum Director
BSB 2290 734.763.4191
Matt Linke
Planetarium Manager
BSB 1259 734.647.1381
Kelly Sullivan
Store Manager / Financial Analyst
BSB 1241A 734.647.1371
Nora Webber
Assistant Director for Development
BSB 2291 734.936.5834
Melissa Westlake
Exhibit Developer
BSB B221 734.647.3180
Kelsey Wiggins
Associate Registrar