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A French course taught in English is a course in which a majority of the content focuses on French or Francophone culture, literature or history, but does not give instruction primarily in French.

  • French majors have the option of counting two French courses taught in English toward major requirements
  • French minors have the option of counting one French course taught in English toward minor requirements
  • French courses taught in English count toward the major/minor as either 200 or 300 level elective credit. The level of each approved course is indicated below.
  • If you believe that a course meets the guidelines to count as French course taught in English but does not appear on this list, please obtain a syllabus for the course and contact The French section head will review the course and you will be notified of the decision.

The French section offers French courses taught in English, including:

  • French 240, 241, 244, 340, 341, 342, 343, 344, 345, 346, 402, 444, 453
  • A course which is cross-listed with French but taught in translation also counts as a French course taught in English (History, Comparative Literature, etc.)

The following courses, offered outside of RLL, have been identified as additional French courses taught in English. Please make sure to note the specific course title/topic.

Course Course Title/Topic French Course Taught in English Level Notes  

AAS 358
From Colonial Saint-Domingue to Independent Haiti: History and culture of an exceptional colonial and post-colonial territory (Prof. Jean Hébrard) 300    
CATALAN/SPANISH 291 Introduction to Catalan Language and Culture 200    
CATALAN/SPANISH 405 Advanced Catalan Language, Culture, and Society 300    
CATALAN/SPANISH 441 Topics in Catalan Literature and Culture 300    
ENGLISH 490.001
Fall 2015
History of Literary Criticism and Theory:Late Foucault  (this topic only; Prof. David Halperin) 300

FTVM 441 National Screens: French Cinema from the New Wave to the Present (this topic only; Prof. Feroz Hassan) 300    
FTVM 441 National Screens: French Cinema (this topic only; Prof. Mark Klingerman) 300    
FTVM 441 National Screens: The French New Wave (this topic only) 300    
HISTART 271.001 Origins of Modernism (Prof. Howard Lay) 200    
The Gothic Age: Art of Medieval Paris (this topic only) 300    
HISTART 370 Realism and Impressionism 300 Cross-listed with French 346  
HISTART 393 Undergraduate Seminar:  Arabesques and Airplanes: Art and Cultural Exchange in Modern North Africa (this topic only) 300 Meet-together with ROMLANG 250 (Fall 2019)  
HISTART 393.001 Race and Visual Culture in Modern France, from the French Revolution to Art Deco (this topic only) 300    
HISTART 393.001 Baudelaire's Paris (this topic only) 300    
HISTART 394.001 The Art of Flanerie (Prof. Howard Lay) 300    
HISTORY 313 The Revolutionary Century: France, 1789- 1900 300 Cross-listed with French 344  
HISTORY 314 Empire, Way, and Modernity: France and the World in the 20th Century 300 Cross-listed with French 345  
HISTORY 323 French Enlightenment 300 Cross-listed with French 343  
ROMLANG 241/ MEMS 260 Introduction to Medieval and Early Modern Romance Literatures and Cultures (Fall 2014) 200    
ROMLANG 250 Special Topics in Humanities: Arabesques and Airplanes: Art and Cultural Exchange in Modern North Africa 300 Meet-together with HISTART 393 (Fall 2019)  
ROMLANG 253.002 The Mediterranean (Winter 2015; Prof. Green-Mercado) 200 Meet together with HISTART 253 & JUDAIC 253 *Requires some individualized assignments for students pursuing this option. Please consult with Prof. Green-Mercado with any questions.  
ROMLANG 495 Independent Study 300 Must be approved by French faculty advisor  
ROMLING 300 Introduction to Romance Languages 300    
SPANISH 430 Advanced Studies in Hispanic Culture and Society: Introduction to Catalan Language & Culture (this topic only) 300    
SPANISH 445 Romance Studies: Introduction to French-Spanish Literary Relations: Comparative Marxism (this topic only; Prof. Gavin Arnall) 300    
Wolof Course CGIS Senegal study abroad program 300    
Paris By Site (Art History course) CGIS Arts in Paris program 200 Approved by French UCC Fall 2014  
Required Arabic Course CGIS Morocco program 300 Approved by French UCC Fall 2014