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Registration & Academic Policies

RLL Course Registration Process

  • Students seeking to enroll in RLL courses (Catalan, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romance Languages, and Romance Linguistics) register or waitlist in Wolverine Access.  
  • If enrolled students drop, Wolverine Access automatically issues overrides (permission to enroll) in waitlist order. It is important for waitlisted students to check their U-M e-mail regularly, so as not to miss any override notification. When an override expires, Wolverine Access drops the student from the waitlist. If the student still wants to enroll in the class, they will have to register or waitlist again.
  • Overrides continue to be issued in waitlist order for available seats during the first five business days of the fall or winter term (first two business days for spring or summer terms). Overrides issued after the start of the term are valid for 24 hours.
  • Once the term begins, instructors take attendance of the enrolled students. Enrolled students who miss “either of the first two meetings of any course offered by the Department of Romance Languages may be dropped from the course for non-attendance” (per the RLL attendance policy).
  • Students seeking to switch from one RLL elementary language class to another section of the same class with no available seats need to join the Wolverine Access waitlist for that class section.  When enrolled students join a waitlist for another elementary language class section, they give up their original seats.

Attendance Policy

If you miss either of the first two meetings of a Romance languages class (regardless of instructional format), you may be dropped for non-attendance. You may also be dropped from a class if you do not meet the prerequisites for that course (see grade needed to advance and placement tests).

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Grade Needed to Advance

If you are enrolled in any courses at the elementary-level in French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish (course numbers 101-232, + French 235), you must earn a grade of C- or better in the prerequisite course to proceed on to the subsequent course. Elemantary-level language courses may be taken pass/fail; however, if you are an LSA student, you must take a final sequence course for a letter grade to meet the language requirement.

If you earn a failing grade (D+ or lower), you must re-take the course. An exception to this rule may only be granted by the course coordinator. In order to request permission to enroll in and receive credit for the subsequent course, you must provide the department with sufficient justification. The coordinator will meet with your instructor to determine whether the request will be honored or not.

If you receive permission to enroll in the subsequent course, you will be doing so at your own risk. It is expected that you will make your own arrangements for tutoring and outside help, and that you will keep the instructor informed of any problems that may prevent completion of the course.

Under some circumstances, you will be required to pass the first exam with a B or better, and to have completed all the work to date with a passing grade. Failure to do so will mean that you must return to the previous level to complete the requirement.

Questions? Contact the Undergraduate Assistant.

Auditing RLL Courses

If you are interested in officially auditing (or visiting) a course in Romance Languages, you may review the LSA policy for electing this option. We are unable to accept unofficial auditors (or students who wish to "sit in" on a course).

Spanish 400-Level Course Registration

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures allows students to complete their third Spanish 279-399-level course concurrently with their first 400-level Spanish course.  Students seeking to do so should e-mail to request this update to their registration eligibility.

Academic Policies