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Rainich Lectures

The Rainich Lectures were established in 1981 by an endowment from Professor Raymond L. Wilder and his wife, Una, honoring Professor George “Yuri” Rainich, who served on our faculty for 30 years until retiring in 1956.  Distinguished mathematicians who have given these lectures are listed below.  


Date Speaker Title
March 20-22, 2018 Richard Taylor, IAS, Princeton

Colloquium Title
Lecture 2 Title
Lecture 3 Title

2010 Terence Tao     Lecture (pdf)  
2008 Gang Tian  
2006 Philip Holmes  
2003 Nancy Kopell  
2002 Robert McPherson  
2001 Martin Nowak  
1998 Graeme Segal  
1996 Jean-Pierre Serre  
1994 Kenneth Ribet  
1990 Persi Diaconis  
1988 Richard M. Schoen  
1986 Avner Freedman  
1982 Lipman Bers