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  • College: Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA)
  • Major or Academic Interest: Sociology
  • Minor: Music and Spanish
  • Hometown: All over the place! I call Chicago, IL, Kalamazoo, MI, and Milwaukee, WI my homes.

Why did you want to become an SA? I had a really fantastic time with LSWA during my first year and was eager to return. With the friendships I'd made and the passion I had developed for this program I knew I wanted to come back in a leadership role!

What hopes do you have for the upcoming year? I hope that with significant reductions in virus transmissions, we will soon be able to see everything that LSWA has to offer -- I can't wait to use all the provided spaces, hang out with friends in their dorm rooms, and have Coffee with Carol face to face! I hope the only thing we retain from the pandemic is the culture of increased care, compassion, and understanding that we have created.

Is there anything you'd like to say to future LSWA students? Becoming a Lloyd Scholar is the best decision you have made since deciding to go to U of M. If you're like me, you stuck out like a sore thumb in high school and probably found it hard to relate to some of your peers -- upon attending your first LSWA class you will feel the exact opposite way. LSWA is such a vibrant, caring, diverse, and kooky community. Without a doubt, you will find your home here and your connection to the arts will be strengthened, no matter what your major! Best of all, you can expect to make some of the closest friends you'll ever meet during your first night in the Palace. Welcome to Lloyd!!!