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Student Leadership Opportunities

Student leaders form an important part of the LSWA community by helping to promote the wellbeing and inclusion of all LSWA students. They serve as role models who build connections between LSWA staff, faculty, and students, and communicate important program information to existing and prospective students. Students can serve in leadership roles as Student Assistants, Resident Advisors, or a Program Recruiters. They can also return to the program as second-year students.

Student Assistants

Students apply in the October of their first year in the hopes of returning to LSWA—and Alice Lloyd Hall—as Student Assistants in their second year. SAs in the Lloyd Scholars for Writing and the Arts serve as role models by guiding and mentoring first-year students, and by actively helping students to feel included. SAs partner with RAs to lead LSWA clubs, plan small- and large-group activities, and encourage students to meet program and housing requirements. Student Assistants commonly express how integrated they feel among their peers and within the LSWA community. SAs receive a stipend, and students often serve in this role before becoming RAs. The call for applications goes out in October for the following fall, though students may express their interest any time by contacting

Creative Mentors

CMs are juniors or seniors in the program whose creative talents and strengths support LSWA projects and initiatives over the course of the year. CMs also serve as supplemental advisors to the SAs in their roles as club leaders, and may also lead a club themselves. In collaboration with SAs and RAs, they may help to plan programs, events, and activities for our students. They will attend LSWA Student Leadership Meetings and trainings and our All-Community Meetings, and they may also assist with LSWA recruitment efforts, and social media/outreach/PR. CMs work about 8-10 hours/month and are compensated for their efforts by LSWA.

Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors in LSWA support the program and our students, though they are appointed by U-M's division of Housing to live and work in the residence halls. Typically, they are 3rd- or 4th-year students, but can also be appointed in their second year.  As the highest-level student leaders in the buildings, they are expected to carry out the philosophy and principles outlined in the Community Development Model, which states that they will work together to create positive, inclusive communities.  RAs undergo comprehensive training in leadership, conflict management and resolution, peer mentoring, crisis intervention, social identity and development, program planning, and budget management. LSWA RAs also co-lead clubs, work closely with SAs, and cultivate relationships with each resident, serving as role models and resources to help students thrive. RAs receive a stipend, and prospective RAs typically apply in October for the following fall semester. A current timeline and more information can be found at

Student Recruiters

LSWA Student Recruiters are the public face of our program to prospective students and their families.  Our Recruiters represent LSWA at both on-campus and off-campus recruitment events. They may visit area high schools to speak to students, participate in panel discussions, or staff tables at local college information fairs. While these events take place throughout the year, most activity takes place during the winter term, when prospective students visit the University of Michigan to attend Campus Days.  During Campus Day sessions, Recruiters meet with prospective students and their families to provide information and visit the program in the residence hall. These are excellent opportunities for Recruiters to share their first-hand experience of life in LSWA: our program requirements, our educational, social, and enrichment activities, the many opportunities for personal and academic growth and development, and the community cultivated here.  Student Recruiters also correspond with prospective students via email as part of our recruitment campaign. The call for applications is made in November, and students in this role receive compensation. For more information on becoming a Student Recruiter, contact

Second-Year Students

Students who are interested in returning to LSWA in their second year do so by participating in the Housing Sign-up process, which begins in the January of the year they wish to return.  Students must also complete a Program Application, available to students in early January.  Second-year students are not required to become student leaders; their decision to return to the program is typically based on their affinity for LSWA classes and instructors, the opportunities and activities the program offers, and the community they have helped to shape.  LSWA requirements for second-year students are minimal: they enroll in one LSWA course, preferably in the fall term, attend Community Meetings, and participate in an LSWA club. For more information on returning as a second-year student, contact and visit