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Move-In Tips

Moving into your Residence Hall—even one as great as Alice Lloyd—can be stressful for both students and parents. Here are ten tips from Lloyd Scholar Sama Ramo that can help you have a smooth transition into your new home. 

1. Figure out your bed configuration before coming to campus. 

The housing website offers information on furniture and different ways to assemble it. 

2. Before moving in, communicate with your roommate about any expectations you have.

Also, make sure to ask them if they have any allergies or other issues you should know about. 

3. If you can, pack only the essentials.

First, this makes moving in a lot easier by having less stuff to bring up to your room. Second, this allows you to look at your room and how it is arranged, and figure out what you want to add where. This is better than packing a lot and ending up with a crowded room (and as the year progresses, a more cluttered room). 

4. Don’t ignore your scheduled move-in time!

Doing so can cause overcrowding, especially in the morning hours.

5. Keep track of what floor you're on.

In Alice Lloyd Hall, the floor that you may first enter (on Observatory Street) is technically the “second" floor. Remember this when you get in the elevator to go back out to your car.

6. Explore.

Once you are here, take some time to explore the first floor and the basement to see the amazing living facility you are living in for the next year, such as the art studio, the dance studio, and the music practice rooms.

Just remember: there are two sides of the basement, separated by a wall, so depending on what door you enter, you will see either the laundry room, den, and music rooms; or the dance and art studios. 

7. Make sure to say hello to your LSWA RA (they will also introduce themselves!).

RAs make your transition a lot smoother and are genuinely cool people to talk to!

8. Wear comfortable shoes, from move-in day onward.

You should get used to walking everywhere from now till the end of your college career at the University of Michigan.

9. A good (and close) place to eat lunch with your parents is Angelo’s.

It is an Ann Arbor classic known for its freshly baked bread. If your family members have a hard time walking to locations (it is a 10-minute walk to Angelo’s from Alice Lloyd), Angelo’s is one of the only Ann Arbor restaurants that has a parking lot. But, heads up, it closes at 4pm!

10. Thank and hug your family and whoever helped you move in!

Then, start enjoying your first year at the University of Michigan (the greatest university in the world)! And know that you live in one of the best residence halls on campus, which houses the VERY BEST learning community too!  

Additional Resources

Housing's Helpful Move-In Info can be found here

Here is Alice Lloyd Hall's Move-In map. 

Any questions on the day-of, feel free to call the Alice Lloyd Hall Community Center at
(734) 764-1172.