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Current Clubs


The clubs change each year to reflect the interests of the current cohort. Check back in late August to see the 2019-2020 clubs. 

Below are the clubs from the 2017-2018 academic year.  


Fill a Sketchbook Club aims to help artists of every level completely fill out a sketchbook throughout the course of a year.  As artists ourselves who have struggled with those blank white pages, we want to create an atmosphere of support, to grow as artists and adopt a spirit of curiosity when it comes to art.  With our Wednesday night club meetings, we will be supplying a sketchbook to each student and a quirky or thought-provoking prompt to work on, whether just during the hour or throughout the week.  To encourage exploration of different media, biweekly we will all be using one material, anything from watercolors to highlighters.  While we progress in the year, your input and ideas will also be integrated to help the club gain fresh perspectives and actualize unique pieces.
Club Leaders: Emily Shiau & Noelle Wade
Club meets on Wednesdays, 8-9:00 pm / ALH Art Studio

The purpose of the Arts & Literary Journal Club is to receive and review submissions from first and second-year LHSP students to be compiled into the annual LHSP Arts & Literary Journal.  Our vision is to celebrate and exemplify the unique voices of our LHSP students through their creative expression, which includes, but is not limited to, drawings, painting, sculptures, photographs and various types of written prose. Our week-to-week club meetings vary across the course of the year.  The year begins with an introduction to the journal and graphic design skills, and then transitions to discussions of student submissions as they come in through the year.  In addition, we hope to give  our club members insight into the world of publishing and the process of creating a literary journal from scratch.
Club Leaders: Alexis Aulepp & Megan Knittel
Club meets on Mondays, 8-9:00 pm / ALH Classroom 2012 

Comic Book Club is a club devoted to the appreciation and creation of comic books.  Students of all experience levels will make individual zines during the first semester, and will then create a larger zine collection featuring individual works that are theme-based and agreed upon by all members.  Students will also participate in live demonstrations and workshops for zine-making, character creation, and world building, as well as trips to comic book libraries and shops for research and inspiration.
Club Leaders: Marjorie Gaber & Alyson Grigsby
Club meets Mondays, 8-9 pm / ALH Art Studio

Creative Writing Club will focus on individual expression and exploration of the voices and writers within. Students will have the opportunity to build writing samples in a structured, but relaxed, setting. The club will incorporate all aspects of the process, from brainstorming to workshopping pieces with peers. CWC will emphasize the development of and commitment to ideas, with the option to generate a collection of works. Join to bring your creative mind to life!
Club Leaders: Skylar Burkhardt, Britney Moreira & Ben Rosof
Club meets Thursdays, 7-8pm / ALH Classroom 2012

Through Film Club, you will have the opportunity to express your ideas and beliefs, and let creativity flow with camera in hand. In addition to learning the basics of pre-production, production, and post-production in filmmaking, projects will be highly collaborative, and will provide you with the opportunity to develop teamwork within the group. Ultimately, the goal is not to teach you everything about filmmaking, but to help you discover that your imagination is a tool that can be used through any medium that you choose. You will be involved in the making of several small-group projects and one large project each semester.  No prior filmmaking or acting skills are needed and under no circumstances will you be required to be on camera or participate in any filmmaking activities that might make you feel uncomfortable.
Club Leaders: Ryan Bennett & Briana Johnson
Club meets on Wednesdays, 8-9:00 pm / ALH Classroom 2060

Music Club is run with the purpose of fostering participants' musical interests, sharing a passion for music, and encouraging students to collaborate in order to broaden their musical skills and interests. We operate in four week cycles: pick musical ensembles, practice, practice, and perform.  Groups will switch every cycle, and each time you will work on a specific piece chosen by your ensemble. We’ll also be attending open mic nights, busking, performances, and compiling our recorded pieces.
Club Leaders: Luke Chen, Will Hearn, Conrad Pan, Josh Segal & Annika Topelian
Club meets on Wednesdays, 8-9:00 pm / ALH Den

The LHSP Photographic Society is inclusive and welcoming to photographers of varying experience levels. Fancy photography equipment is not a requirement whatsoever -- cell phones are great cameras too! Rather than solely educate, Photographic Society hopes to provide a platform for students to share their ideas and contribute to a discussion of the art medium. The assignments created keep this vision in mind, to further the creation and discussion of photography for LHSP students. Weekly meetings will have a core discussion or assignment topic to help instigate conversation. Depending on the prompt, students will have either in-class shoot time or will be expected to bring photographs to club meetings. Projects include cyanotype photography, mixed media collages, and a night photography tour of Ann Arbor.  Students will keep their projects in a provided photo album as a portfolio of their work.
Club Leaders: Ruchita Iyer & Sonia Lee
Club meets on Mondays, 7-8:00 pm / ALH Classroom 2060

The LHSP Poetry club is geared towards students of any skill level who want to try their hand at poetry. Each week we will explore different devices/tools that make poetry ‘pop.’ We will be showing a variety of examples throughout the year that encompass the literary devices that we wish to have our members learn about. These include spoken word poetry, chosen written pieces and shared work. Themes we will range from structured to unstructured pieces and personification to love poems. Each month, starting in October, members will participate in peer workshops to improve their writing. All of this will lead to our end of semester community poetry readings: one will take place in December and the other around April. Our ultimate goal is to have each member walk away feeling confident in their poetry skills, and have a portfolio of refined pieces by the end of the year.
Club Leaders: Mitchel Dipzinski & Dominique Witten
Club meets Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30pm / Classroom 2060

Van Go!
Let’s get in a van and go!  In Van Go! we will visit and explore local art museums, exhibits, and/or galleries, and those in surrounding areas. The club will be open to 12 students interested in taking day trips to view and discuss art work and spaces in the community and the real world.
Club Leader: Kaitlyn Moore
Club meets Sundays (usually first Sunday of the month), 12:00 Noon to 4:00 pm. Meet in the ALH Lobby.  Exact dates TBA