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  • College: Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA)
  • Major or Academic Interest: Double major in Organizational Studies and Spanish
  • Hometown: Milford, Michigan

Why did you want to become a RA? LSWA was such an important part of my freshman year experience, and my relationships with the student leaders have helped mold me into the student and person I am today. After a year away from Lloyd, I realized how beneficial the community truly is. I decided to return as an RA to not only surround myself with positive creative energy, but also to help new members receive the same amazing experience I did.

What hopes do you have for the upcoming year? Given the uncertainty that comes with the coronavirus pandemic, my main goal is to continue to build and engage LSWA’s community and creative elements. I hope for the students, faculty, and staff to come together, whether it be face to face or virtually, and experiment with new ideas, practices, and risks in order to adapt our creative processes into our new normal.

Is there anything you'd like to say to future LSWA students? You get out what you put in! LSWA is a fantastic place with room for everybody. While on campus, there are thousands of opportunities and places to become involved. It’s important to take advantage of everything U of M has to offer you and your interests, but don’t forget about your home back at Lloyd. Breaking out of your comfort zone in your classes, collaborating with other students, hanging out beyond LSWA events, and keeping your door open are all great ways to regularly interact with the community and create the best experience possible for you!