We congratulate Alejandro, an LSWA Creative Mentor, in winning two prestigious awards this Winter 2021. 

Alejandro was awarded the Roy W. Cowden Memorial Fellowship (a Hopwood Award), and he won first-place in our written alumni category of LSWA’s Caldwell Poetry Award. 

How has being part of LSWA impacted your writing? 

“Being part of LSWA has been a really awesome boost to my writing. Coming into freshman year, I was a pure science major. I didn't expect to have the opportunities I've had to explore the arts. Being a part of LSWA has given me so many opportunities to play around with my writing. I would not be at the level I'm at if it were not for the opportunities, support and general level of talent that LSWA surrounds me with daily.” 

What would you tell other Lloyd Scholars or future Lloyd Scholars about the Hopwood Awards and/or Caldwell Poetry Award? 

“I would tell them that there are so many opportunities to be recognized for your work all over campus, but it's always important to take success along with failure. While I have been incredibly fortunate with my Caldwell submissions, I've had more misses than hits when it's come to the Hopwood program and other opportunities on campus. So, the most important thing about awards is to not get discouraged and submit your work! Your art is amazing and deserves to be seen and don't let anyone tell you different!”

You can learn more about UM’s Hopwood Awards and LSWA’s Caldwell Poetry Award.