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Honors Concentrators 2022-2023

Rose Albayat

Prior to attending the University of Michigan, Rose Albayat was a student journalist at Henry Ford College where she won several awards from the Michigan Community College Press Association. Rose has explored several areas in the humanities, but has found herself always returning to films. Two years ago, she discovered her passion for film history, particularly the silent era, as well as film theory after taking FTVM-352. At Michigan, Rose has worked as a student researcher with one SMTD and two FTVM faculty as part of the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program. Outside of school, she works with the Ann Arbor Film Festival as their program assistant intern. Rose is happy to be an FTVM Honors candidate, looks forward to seeing how her project will evolve. and is excited to view her film at the Michigan Theater in 2023! 

Integrated Thesis - "Reshuffling the Deck"
Primary advisor: Matthew Solomon; Secondary advisor: Chris McNamara

"Reshuffling the Deck" is an integrated thesis aimed at challenging the gender norms in early cinema through a creative remake of Georges Méliès’ 1905 film Les Cartes Vivantes. The project involves a 3D virtual model of Méliès' studio based on surviving historical photographs, drawings, and published accounts. The remake will be shot within the virtual model of Méliès' studio at the M.I.D.E.N. at the Duderstadt Center with an all-female cast. The project pays tribute to the many under-researched women who performed onscreen and worked behind the scenes during the silent era. 

Jonah Sobczak

Jonah Sobczak is a fourth-year student studying Film, Television, and Media. Growing up in Taylor, Michigan, (a suburb of Detroit), Jonah fell in love with the medium of film only after he began acting for his high school’s stage performances. Even before this, however, he was fascinated by the human connection sparked from story-telling, especially in the comedic sitcoms that he enjoyed with his family as a kid. In his film journey, Jonah has worn many hats, usually preferring to be an Assistant Director for narrative projects. Although he enjoys the collaboration that film requires, he has a lifelong passion for reading and writing. Most of his art revolves around human expression and his own struggles with mental illness, but sometimes he can make things that aren’t downers! 

Production Thesis -  I Miss and Love You

Primary Advisor, Victor Fanucchi; Secondary Advisor, Matthew Noble-Olson

I Miss and Love You follows the grieving process of two siblings, Wes and Max. When their mother and only guardian dies, they are left with all the decisions that two 20 year olds have never had to make. With the stress of this and with no mother to worry about them, the siblings must move past their disagreements or risk losing the last family they have left.