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Film & Video Student Association

The Film and Video Student Association (FVSA) provides University of Michigan community members with an opportunity to enhance and expand their knowledge and experience of film, video, and television through various events, workshops, movie nights, discussions, and other educational and social activities.

Meet Andrew Armstrong and Lara Graney, FVSA Co-Presidents 2020-21

Andrew Armstrong is a dual degree student in the Ross School of Business and LSA majoring in FTVM. Andrew comments, "FVSA is hands down the best organization I've had the pleasure to be a part of in my three years here. I simply cannot wait to be co-president of the ~best~ film club on campus!"


Lara Graney is an FTVM major and VP of M-agination Films. She is very excited to work with Andrew and the rest of the FVSA e-board to lead fun and exciting discussions and events while representing the department.

Lightworks Festival 2020-21


In order to showcase student work from FTVM courses this past fall, the Film and Video Student Association used a virtual platform to host its bi-annual Lightworks Film Festival. The Festival premiered on YouTube on January 8th and 9th, 2021, at 8PM EST. At the end of the second night, winners were announced (see full list of winners below). 

Please note that all projects created during Fall 2020 were created following COVID guidelines, which limited access to certain production aspects -- but ensured that the safety of students and faculty was the top priority of the FTVM Department. 


Fall 2020 Lightworks Festival Winners


Best Drama Buoyancy (FTVM 309); Director, Grace Guthrie 
Runner-UpZara's Ask (FTVM 290); Director, Natalija Skoko


Best ComedyI Hope This Comedy Show Finds You Well (FTVM 403); Directors: Brenden Dewley, Mattwew Huston, Justin Levine, Zachary Groveman, Nicolas Hopkin, Oscar Landry


Best AnimationNow What? (FTVM 306); Director, Leo Krinsky
Runner-UpSpaceman (FTVM 306); Director, Julia Gray


Best Documentary:  A Promise Made At Fort Meigs (FTVM 301); Director, Andrew Armstrong
Runner-upInfinity is Forever (FTVM 301); Director, Julia Gray


Best ExperimentalDon't Forget About Me (FTVM 290); Director, Isis Joseph
Runner-upFour Cameraless Films (FTVM 203); Director Mitchell Salley 


Best CinematographyStiletto (FTVM 305); Cinematographer, Jacob Shin
Runner-up Under Control (FTVM 290); Cinematographers, Jake Primak and Aaron Rudman


Best Editing:  Films of 2019 (FTVM 391); Editor, Joshua Howard
Runner-up: Early News segment in I Hope This Comedy Show Finds You Well (FTVM 403); Editors, Matthew Huston, Brenden Dewley, Justin Levine, Zachary Groveman, Black Mcguckin, Nicolas Hopkin, Edward Thomson


Best Original ScoreA Promise Made at Fort Meigs (FTVM 301); Composer, Andrew Armstrong 
Runner-up:  Calumet (FTVM 421); Composer, Arun Mangrulker

The Judges' Honorable Mentions: 
Kayti Lausch, PhDDarnell (FTVM 290); Director, Camille Darnell Moore
Mary Lou Chlipala, Assistant to the ChairHeart to Heart (FTVM 301); Director, Ainesh Shintre
Joseph Deleon, PhDWater Changes (FTVM 301); Director, Anna Dang
Vincent Longo, PhD CandidateUnder Control (FTVM 290); Director, Jake Primak 
Paul Sutherland, New Media Technician and InstructionSugar and Steel (FTVM 301); Director, Ariel Berman

Watch Both Nights of Lightworks HERE

FVSA Event Highlights 

Disney Pixar Artist Chris Bernardi Visits U-M

Chris Bernardi (Sets Supervisor) joined Pixar Animation Studios in November 2000 as a shading technical director on Finding Nemo. He subsequently served in a variety of roles, including sets shading supervisor on Cars, senior shading artist on the Academy-Award®-winning WALL-E, sets shading technical director on the Academy-Award®-winning Toy Story 3, set shading lead on Monsters University, and set shading technical director on the Academy-Award®-winning Inside Out. As a sets supervisor for Coco, Bernardi works with other supervisors, directors of photography, and the production designer, leading a team of artists and programmers to create the environment for the film.

WOLV TV sets up an after-presentation interview with Chris Bernardi

Margaret Mitchell of WOLV TV's Entertainment Buzz recently interviewed Disney Pixar Animator Chris Bernardi, set designer of COCO, about the film after his U-M visit on November 15, 2017. 

Watch the interview here

FVSA Lightworks Festival Archive

Fall 2019 Lightworks Festival Winners


Best: A Woodland Walk - directed by Caitlin McCoy
Runner-up: Does the Moon Have Feelings - directed by Harry Bogle


Best: X-Marks - cinematographer, Adam Rarey
Runner-up: I Don't believe in Ghosts - cinematographer, Colin Farmer


Best: Hidden in Plain Sight - directed by Ariel Berman
Runner-up: Does the Moon Have Feelings - directed by Harry Bogle


Best: The Matriarch - directed by Sam Allen, Michael Chuldzinski, and Grace Kay
Runner-up: The Hunt - directed Henry Lu


Best: X-Marks - editor, Adam Rarey
Runner-up: Yellow/Red - editor, Aaron Meissner


Best: I Don't Believe In Ghosts - directed by Colin Farmer
Runner-up: Coca-Cola For President - directed by Mitchell Salley

Original Score

Best: Yellow/Red - original score by Aaron Meissner, Seth Weyand, and John Williams
Runner-up:- 1 W@y Crazy - original score by Joseph Schmidt

FTVM Judges' Honorable Mentions

Mary Lou Chlipala, Asst. to the Chair - Impulse Ann Arbor - directed by Jordan Stanton
Vincent Longo, PhD Candidate - Acanthus - directed by Adam Rarey
Paul Sutherland, Media Technician - Muse - directed by Charlotte Beggs

Winter 2019 Lightworks Festival Winners


  • Best: 306 - Roach Film - Directed by Sean Moore
  • Runner-up: 306 - Big Pile o Pig Bile - Directed by Geoff Brown


  • Best: 423 - Weiner Police - Josh Knoller
  • Runner-up: - 423 - Skin - Trevor Chase


  • Best: 423 - Weiner Police - Directed by Sophia Lynch
  • Runner-up: 306- Roach Film - Directed by Sean Moore 


  • Best: 301 - The Process - Directed by Lauren Day & Hayley Danke
  • Runner-up: 301 - Entrepreneurial Spirit - Directed by Dani Williams


  • Best: 404 - Searching for Memory - Directed by Ben Catlin
  • Runner-up:  404 - Yosemite - Directed by Andrew Howell


  • Best: 404 - Searching for Memory - Ben Catlin
  • Runner-up: 423 - Weiner Police - Drew Schiller

Original Score (& Sound)

  • Best: 300 - Shutter - score & sound by Brandon Troeller 
  • Runner-up: 404 - Chroma -  score by Ryan Anderson 

Music Video

  • Best:  404 -  Peter - Directed by John Vaughan
  • Runner-up:  404 - Another Page - Directed by Akaash Tumulu

FTVM Judges' Honorable Mentions

  • Mary Lou Chlipala, Asst. to the Chair - 423 - Mammaw Character (writer: Sophia Georginis & actress: Linda Rabin Hammell) 
  • Sean Donovan, PhD Student: Long Overdue - Directed by Michael Chludzinski
  • Paul Sutherland, Media Technician - Creative Team behind Yosemite, especially Andrew Howell, writer & director.

Fall 2018 Lightworks Festival Winners


  • Best Animation - : Crush Collision - directed by Jordan Stanton


  • Best Cinematography - Trevor Chase - AZUL
  • Cinematography Runner-up -  Drew Metcalf - Creatives of Color: The Documentary
  • Honorable Mention Cinematography - John Vaughan -  Masked


  • Best Comedy - Quetzal Verde! - directed by Emmett Kowalski & Mary O’Bryne
  • Comedy Runner-up - Real Housewives of Sunny Oak – directed by Seth Andrews, Josh Lank, and Matt Correa
  • Honorable Mention Comedy - Ghostmates – directed by Nicklas Swihart


  • Best Documentary - Creatives of Color: The Documentary - directed by Drew Metcalf


  • Best Drama - Against the Cold – directed by Ryan Bennet
  • Drama Runner-up - Audiation – directed by Eli Sider
  • Honorable Mention Drama -  Life – directed by Sydney Prince


  • Best Editing - 14% PSA – Editors: Ian Harris, Benji Trosch, and Brad Gurwin
  • Editing Runner-upAgainst the Cold - Editors: Eston Asher, Ryan Bennett, and Mike Mitchell
  • Honorable Mention Editing - Quetzal Verde! - Editors: Drew Schiller, Starr Bialk, and Kevin Doyle 


  • Best Experimental - Self – directed by Rochelle Fraenig

Original Score

  • Best Original Score - Gian Perez - Audiation
  • Original Score Runner-up - Arun Mangrulkar  - Quetzal Verde!
  • Honorable Mention Original Score - Kevin Li – The Final Cleaning


  • Best  Writing - Mario Cassem, Sofia Lynch, Laura Dzubay, Jared McCourt, Sam Rosenberg, Sarah Costello, and Mia Flint – Quetzal Verde!
  • Writing Runner-up - Jessica Schloskey - Audiation
  • Honorable Mention Writing - Mike Mitchell - Against the Cold

FTVM Judges' Honorable Mentions

  • Mary Lou Chlipala - Kevin Li directing & original score - The Final Cleaning
  • Veerendra Prasad: The Ensemble - Quetzal Verde!
  • Matthew Solomon - Seth Andrews, actor – Real Housewives of Sunny Oak

Winter 2018 Lightworks Festival Winners


Best Animation: ​(FTVM 404) S​ix ​C​ases​ Part One - Directed by Liam Meisner-Driscoll​
Animation Runner-up: ​(FTVM 406) I​ce​ (lyric video) - Directed by Clem Turner​
Animation Honorable Mention:​(FTVM 406) E​asy ​S​teps - Directed by Waqas Azhar​


Best Cinematography: ​(FTVM 304: Shorts from Short Stories) Sinkholes - Directed by Taylor Rajter​
Cinematography Runner-up: (FTVM 304) How to be an Expatriate - Directed by Mary Obryne​
Cinematography Honorable Mention:  (FTVM 300) ​Clownish - Directed By Casey Galvin Board


Best Comedy: ​(FTVM 300) One ​Way ​O​ut - Directed by Eston Asher IV​
Comedy Runner-up: (FTVM 304) How to be an E​xpatriate - Directed by Mary Obryne​
Comedy Honorable Mention:  (FTVM 300) R​oommates - Directed by Emmett Kowalski​


Best Drama: ​(FTVM 304: Shorts from Short Stories) S​inkholes - Directed by Taylor Rajter​
Drama Runner-up: ​(FTVM 423) L​ifematch - Directed by Gillian Greenbaum​
Drama Honorable Mention: ​(FTVM 423) Oracle of ​D​el ​Phi - Directed by Yevheniia Tananko​


Best Editing
: (FTVM 304: Editing) ​Eat ​Y​our ​T​herapy​- Directed by Aliyah Mitchell
Editing Runner-up:(FTVM 405) ​Into ​Darkness - Directed by Rochelle Fraenig
Editing Honorable Mention: ​(FTVM 404) ​Noise in the ​Garden​ - Directed Eli B. Winer​


Best Experimental: (FTVM 304: Editing) ​Eat ​Y​our ​T​herapy​- Directed by Aliyah Mitchell
Experimental Runner-up: ​(FTVM 405) ​​I​ ​Am ​Adam: a Reimagining of the First Man as Myself​​ - Directed by Johnny Matthews III​
Experimental Honorable Mention: ​(FTVM 406) October to ​March​ - Directed by Kyle Weber​

Music Video

Best ​Music ​Vid​eo​: (FTVM 304) ​Ember- Directed by Tatum Mannion


Best Score: (FTVM 405) ​Yearbook​: A Dance Film - Directed by Gabriel Wolfe
Score Runner-up: ​(FTVM 300) ​One Way ​Out​ - Directed By Eston Asher IV​
Score Honorable Mention: (FTVM 304) How to be an E​xpatriate - Directed by Mary Obryne


Best Screendance:  (FTVM 405) ​S​hell - Directed by Haleigh Bauer​
Screendance Runner-up: (FTVM 405) ​H​alf here/H​alf T​here- Directed by​ Sam Rosenberg
Screendance Honorable Mention:​ (FTVM 405) ​Yearbook​: A Dance Film - Directed by Gabriel Wolfe

Judges' Honorable Mentions 

FTVM Fabculty, ​V. ​Prasad: (FTVM 499)​ "​Home ​Schlopping​"​ ​sketch​ from The Making of Sam's Independent Study ​​- Directed by Sam Poznak​
Assistant to the Chair, Mary Lou Chlipala: FTVM ​423 Directors​:​ Gillian Greenbaum and Yevheniia Tananko
PhD Candidate Josh Morrison: ​(FTVM 304: Shorts from Short Stories) When Trains ​F​all ​F​rom ​S​pace - Directed By Kylie Hoef​

Fall 2017 Lightworks Festival Winners


Best Animation - Game Over (Director, Shawki Atassi)
Animation Runner-up - Doodle (Director, Liam Meisner-Driscoll)


Best Cinematography - Staying Up (Director, Liam Meisner-Driscoll)
Cinematography Runner-up -  Red (Director, Nicole Snyder)


Best Comedy -ALLEYWAY BOYS (Director, Frank Allen)
Comedy Runner-up - College Life  (Director, Kevin Doyle)


Best Documentary - The Spangler Effect (Director, Dylan Barth)
Documentary Runner-up - Quite a Jolly Crowd We Were (Director, Caitlyn Ivory)


Best Drama - Interlopers (Directors Andrew Howell, Zhenia Tanako, Steve Wezelman, Miriam Alexander)
Drama Runner-up - Welcome Home (Director, Taylor Brooks)


Best Editing - Staying Up (Director, Liam Meisner-Driscoll)
Editing Runner-up - Frottage (Director, Rebecca Lerner)


Best Experimental - Wardance (Director, Spenser Haney)
Experimental Runner-up - Coulrophobia (Director, Mikki Dick)

Original Score

Best Original Score - Sleepy Song (Composer, Johanna Bauman )
Original Score Runner-up - Speak No Evil (Composer,  Benjamin Trosch)

FTVM Judges' Honorable Mentions

Mary Lou Chlipala - Liam Meisner-Driscoll - best director, composer, and animator 
Colin Gunckel - Spenser Haney: First Annual Blowing Minds Award for Wardance
Matthew Solomon - Evan Rosen: Best ham actor in a musical comedy for ALLEYWAY BOYS

Winter 2017 Lightworks Festival Winners

FVSA's Winter 2017 Lightworks Festival, a showcase of student films from the Department of Film, Television, and Media, took place April 21-22, 2017. Below is a list of festival award winners. Congratulations to all of you -- and thank you to all who supported the festival!


Best Animation: "Le Cafe Couchage" (FTVM 306 - Director, Emma Winowiecki)
Animation Runner-up: "Title" (FTVM 306 - Director, Sarika Tyagi)
Animation Honorable Mention: "The Secret Life of Stuff" (FTVM 306 - Director, Natalie Beia)


Best Cinematography: "Remember Love?" (FTVM 405 - Director, Carlos Funn)
Cinematography Runner-up: "bloom" (FTVM 301 - Director, Evan Vacchiano)
Cinematography Honorable Mention: "The Yolked Ones" (FTVM 304 - Director, Logan Gardner)


Best Comedy: "RUSH DBAG" (FTVM 402 - Director, Jake Ferguson)
Comedy Runner-up: "Geri Bardo: Portrait of an Auteur" (FTVM 304 - Director, Jeremy Bryson)
Comedy Honorable Mention: "Rumplestiltskin: Code Black" (FTVM 300 -Director, Evan Rosen)


Best Documentary: "Motherhood" (FTVM 301 - Director, Haleigh Bauer)
Documentary Runner-up: "To Where?" (FTVM 301 - Director, Erich Eberhard )
Documentary Honorable Mention: "bloom" (FTVM 301 - Director, Evan Vacchiano)


Best Drama: "Malignant Humor" (FTVM 423 - Director, Nick Sheehan)
Drama Runner-up: "Chasing the GOAT" (FTVM 423 - Director, Celeste Holben)
Drama Honorable Mention: "The Librarian" (FTVM 304 - Director, Jake Ferguson)


Best Editing: "To Where?" (FTVM 301 - Director, Erich Eberhard)
Editing Runner-up: "A Study in Vogue" (FTVM 405 - Director, Abigail Buchmeyer)
Editing Honorable Mention: "Pilgrim" (FTVM 405 - Director, Yevhenila Tananko)


Best Experimental: "Innerview" (FTVM 405 - Directors, Natalie Grove and Karsyn Backus)
Experimental Runner-up: "Opera Omniburn" (FTVM 304 - Director, Eli B. Winer)
Experimental Honorable Mention: "Excite" (FTVM 304 - Director, Eli B. Winer)


Best Score: "RUSH DBAG" (FTVM 402 - Director, Jake Ferguson)
Score Runner-up: "Innerview" (FTVM 405 - Directors, Natalie Grove and Karsyn Backus)
Score Honorable Mention: "Excite" (FTVM 304 - Director, Eli B. Winer)


Best Writing: "RUSH DBAG" (FTVM 402 - Director, Jake Ferguson)
Writing Runner-up: "Malignant Humor" (FTVM 423 - Director, Nick Sheehan)
Writing Honorable Mention: "Chasing the GOAT" (FTVM 423 - Director, Celeste Holben)

Judges' Honorable Mentions

Assistant Professor Candace Moore: "R.O.B." (FTVM 300 - Director, Kevin Doyle)
Assistant to the Chair, Mary Lou Chlipala: Sam Posnak and the FUPA class dancing to the theme song from Law and Order: Criminal Intent from "Youth in Reverse" (FTVM 402 - Directors, Miriam Alexander, Aline Mayagoitia, Sam Poznak)
Associate Professor Matthew Solomon: "Jamie, I Want My Book Back" (FTVM 406 - Director, Erez Levin)

Fall 2016 Lightworks Festival Winners


Best Comedy - ZOORP Sketch Comedy (Director, Jake Ferguson)

Comedy Runner-up - Message (Director, Shudi Zheng)


Best Drama - Recovering (Wirter, Carly Keyes; Directors, Yuri Ramocan, Nick Sheehan, Jin Kim, Sara Otto)

Drama Runner-up - Going Home (Director, Ava Burnham)


Best Experimental - Decomposed (Director, Adrianna O'Brien)

Experimental Runner-up - Please Clap (Director, Maxim Vinogradov)


Best AnimationProduce, Produce  (Director, Shelby Polisuk)

Animation Runner-up - Reintegrate (Director, Kevin Tocco)


Best Cinematography - Decomposed (Director, Sage O'Brien)

Cinematography Runner-up - Tracks Leading Somewhere (Director, Katie Burke)

FTVM Judges' Honorable Mentions

Paul Sutherland - Going Home (Director, Ava Burnham)

David Marek - Produce, Produce (Director, Shelby Polisuk)

Mary Lou Chlipala - "You There, God?" sketch  (Writer/Director, Clare Higgins; Actor, Katrina Anderson) and the cameo appearance as boombox operator by Clare Higgins in the "Dance Off" sketch


Winter 2016 Lightworks Festival Winners

BEST OF FESTIVAL: Stuck in the Middle, Co-Directors Abby Buchmeyer and Kelsey Fox

Created as a FTVM independent study (Abby Buchmeyer), Stuck in the Middle is pre-teen soap web series that explores the glamorous world of middle school, braces, and bat mitzvahs. It will be released officially online in late May.

Best Ensemble: Stuck in the Middle (Co-Directors Abby Buchmeyer and Kelsey Fox; FTVM 499, Abby Buchmeyer's Independent Study) 

Best Screenplay: Danielle Jacobson (FTVM 423, The Dejects)

Best Director: Claudia Fuentes (FTVM 423, The Dejects)

Best Cinematography: James Boyd (FTVM 304 - Cinematography, Hypokeimenon)

Best Sound Design: Play (FTVM 300; Composer, Alton James; Sound Editors, Anita Koltun, Catie Dewitt, and Gabriel Wolfe)

Thinking Outside the Box Award
: Stayer (FTVM 405 - Screendance; Director, Spencer Harvey) 

Judges' Honorable Mentions 

Assistant Professor Candace Moore: Degenerate (FTVM 405 - Screendance; Director, Sage O'Brien)

Assistant to the Chair, Mary Lou Chlipala: Present Day (FTVM 423; Director, Ryan McDonough; Screenwriter, Carly Keyes)

FTVM Doctoral Candidate Josh Morrison, Materiality (FTVM 405-Screendance; Director, Molly Paberzs)

Animation/New Media Practice 

Best Animation/New Media Practice: Till Death Do Us Part (FTVM 306; Director, Shudi Zheng)

Animation/New Media Practice Runner-up: Thanksgiving Feast (FTVM 306; Director, Gabriel Wolfe)

Animation/New Media Practice Honorable Mention: One Star Yelp Review (FTVM 306; Director, Lauren Wood)


Best Comedy: Stuck in the Middle (Co-Directors Abby Buchmeyer and Kelsey Fox; FTVM 499, Abby Buchmeyer's Independent Study) 

Comedy Runner-up: The Sandwitch (FTVM 304 - Cinematography; Director, Fahim Rahman)

Comedy Honorable Mention: The Green Detective (FTVM 304 - Shorts from Short Stories; Director, Courtney Carroll)


Best Documentary
: Counting Signs (FTVM 301; Directors: Shir Avinadav, Laura Caruso, and Sibella Dowad)

Documentary Runner-up: #HASHBASH (FTVM 301; Directors Danny Kahn, Zach Wall, Emma Winowiecki, and Alex Gaggino)

Documentary Honorable Mention: Alter Road (FTVM 301; Director, Marie Monark)


Best Drama: The Dejects (FTVM 423; Director, Claudia Fuentes; Screenwriter, Danielle Jacobson)

Drama Runner-up: Play (FTVM 300; Director, Gabriel Wolfe)

Drama Honorable Mention
: My Monster (FTVM 300; Director, Karsyn Backus) 


Best Conceptual: Self-Portrait (FTVM 30; Director, Nicole Buccalo) 

Conceptual Runner-up: Resistance Looks Like You (FTVM 405 - Screendance; Director, Katie Colosimo)

Conceptual Honorable Mention: Modern Love (FTVM 405 - Screendance; Director, Clare Higgins)

Fall 2015 Lightworks Festival Winners

Best of Festival - The Ice Cream Man, Anna Garcia 


Best Comedy - Digital Extravaganza Tiny Notebook Egos (Sketch Comedy)

Comedy Runner-up - On the Line, Kat Johnson

Comedy Honorable Mention - The Visitor, Camila Pena


Best Drama - Human Resources, Nick Sheehan

Drama Runner-up - Good Company, Claudia Fuentes

Drama Honorable Mention - Nightmare #6, Sam Miller


Best Documentary - Hairitage, Antoinette Wade, Cortney Smalley and Imran Moosvi

Documentary Runner-up - Do It Together, Katie Colosimo

Documentary Honorable Mention - Misconduct, Kelsey Comeau


Best Experimental - And Other Things, Laura Caruso

Experimental Runner-up - Fingerprint, James Boyd

Experimental Honorable Mention - Regarding Others, Kyle Weber


Best Animation – Goodnight, Jenna Halfant

Animation Runner-up - Dreaming of, Annabelle Hua & Larissa Rosen


Best EnsembleDigital Extravaganza Tiny Notebook Egos 

Best Director - Anna Garcia for The Ice Cream Man

Best Editing - Ordinary Peach, Kat Johnson

Best Screenplay - The Couch, Emma Winowieki

Best Cinematography - And Other Things, Laura Caruso

Best Sound Design - Serial Programming, Deepak Singh


Judges’ Honorable Mention

FTVM Doctoral Candidate, Josh Morrison – Stagnation, Sage O'Brien

FTVM Assistant Professor, Candace Moore Inmerso, Carina Teoh

FTVM Assistant to the Chair, Mary Lou ChlipalaThe Couch, Emma Winowieki

Winter 2015 Lightworks Festival Winners

Best of Festival: First Date by Julia Braid  
Julia took the Best of Festival Award this year for her "out of this world" animation: in space, humanity and an alien race meet for peace talks in the aftermath of an interstellar war. In the midst of all the tension, one of the aliens hijacks a young human soldier and makes him act as a tour guide. Congratulations, Julia!

FVSA Co-President Mackenzie Cendrowski comments, "Lightworks went very well -- We had a fun and engaged audience who was supportive of every film that played. It was another wonderful semester of student productions!" A complete list of Lightworks Festival awards and honors follows; congratulations to all of you on your creativity and hard work!

Judges' Honorable Mention
Professor Yeidy Rivero - The Early Bird, by Linda Stoby Hoglund & Sean Tighe
Assistant to the Chair, Mary Lou Chlipala - Queens of the Void, by Jorge Gonzalez 
FTVM PhD Graduate Student, Josh Morrison Come to Northwood, by Jayden Rathsam Hua

Best Animation - First Date, by Julia Braid
Animation Runner-up - Fruit Ninja, by Cali Liporace
Animation Honorable Mention - What You See is Drama, by Clarissa Ortiz

Best Comedy - Title Pending, by Julia Fassnacht
Comedy Runner-up - Love Assassin, by Anthony Kalil
Comedy Honorable Mention - The Magnum Minute, by Amanda DiMare & Claire Holloway

Best Documentary The Key of b, by Jayden Rathsam Hua
Documentary Runner-up - Trumpey, by Melissa Cho, Emily Eicher, Jennifer Schwab, and Lauren Megan McCarthy
Documentary Honorable Mention - The Art of Framing, by Levi Stroud

Best Drama - A Sense of Sound, by Jeremy Borison
Drama Runner-up - Dragging it Out, by Rachel Goldberg
Drama Honorable Mention - All At Once, by Sam Gioia

Best Experimental - The Eye is Sublime, by Jeremy Bryson
Experimental Runner-up - Still, by Layne Austin Simescu
Experimental Honorable Mention - Mark's Hi-Tech Unboxing, by David Olonoff

Best Screendance - Women + Bed, by Layne Austin Simescu
Screendance Runner-up - Errors, by BDJ
Screendance Honorable Mention - The Engineer, by Jorge Gonzalez 

Winter 2014 Lightworks Festival Winners

Click here for a slideshow from Winter 2014 Lightworks!

Best Animation: Flower Language

Animation Runner-up: Gear and Lathing in Las Vegas

Best Comedy: Crook'd

Comedy Runner-up: SoCo

Best Documentary: Urban Canvas

Documentary Runner-up: Our Words, Our Voices

Best Drama: Look

Drama Runner-up: Thru Traffic

Best Experimental: The Dearborn Delight

Experimental Runner-up: Hector Vector

Best Screendance: Dance on Detroit

Screendance Runner-up: What Friends Do

Judge's Honorable Mentions

Joel Rakowski: Bad Girls

Candace Moore: The Secret Show

Erin Hanna: How to Dance

Winter 2012 Lightworks Festival Winners

Best Editing 300: Engineering Power - Ari Kaye
Best Cinematography 300: Contemplation - Austin Bowers
Best Director 300: Government Senses - Chandler Billes
Best Editing 400: Fallen Memory
Best Cinematography 400: This Time Around - Ashley Harison
Best Director 400: V-Card - Brandon Verdi & Jacob Burnstein
Best Experimental
: Dinner for Two - Emily Nine
Best Documentary: Landscapes - Matt Tufonte
Best Sit-Com: Ready 4
Best Editing 300: Engineering Power - Ari Kaye
Best Cinematography 300: Contemplation - Austin Bowers
Best Director 300: Government Senses - Chandler Billes
Best Editing 400: Fallen Memory
Best Cinematography 400: This Time Around -> Ashley Harison
Best Director 400: V-Card -> Brandon Verdi & Jacob Burnstein
Best Experimental
: Dinner for Two - Emily Nine
Best Documentary: Landscapes - Matt Tufonte
Best Production Design: Meridian
Best Sound Design
: Weight Watchers - Jackie Vresics
Best Score: Hannah Winkler - Zug
Best Animation: My First (non-mechanical chicken)
Best Actor
: R.J. Brown - Zug
Best Actress: Shannon Eagen - Film 101
Audience Award: V-Card
Best of Fest: This Time Around

Honorable Mentions
Directing Honorable Mention: Jackie Wilton
Most Valuable Player: Joey Bergren
Best Cameo Prop: Shake Weight
Best Graphic Style Transition: A Singularity
Best Production Design: Meridian
Best Sound Design: Weight Watchers - Jackie Vresics
Best Score: Hannah Winkler - Zug
Best Animation: My First (non-mechanical chicken)
Best Actor: R.J. Brown - Zug
Best Actress: Shannon Eagen - Film 101
Audience Award: V-Card
Best of Fest: This Time Around

Fall 2011 Lightworks Festival Winners

Best of Fest: The Private Eyes of Lou Manteca
Audience Award: Naveed
Best Director 300: Derby Girls-Carolyn Klarecki
Best Director 400: People Mover-Ben Duchan
Best Actor: Jonathan Davidson
Best Actress: Ava Rosenwald
Best Animation: Not So Super Mario  Bros.
Best Cinematography 300: In-Between
Best Cinematography 400: Indian Village
Best Editing 300: Chalk Western
Best Editing 400: People Mover
Best Sound Design: The Last Meal
Best Original Score: Parking Structure
Best Production Design: Blue Yarn
Best Documentary: Beer People
Best Experimental: Indian Village
Best Screenplay: The Private Eyes of Lou Manteca-Greg Smith

Honorable Mentions
Best End of Semester Film/Fake FTVM Term Paper
: Mike and Melissa Hang Out With A Squirrel
HM Director
: Brandon Verdi

Winter 2011 Lightworks Festival Winners

Best of Festival: Disappear Here, Ian MacInnes
Audience Award: Bobo’s Balloons
Best Director 300
: Save our Symphony, Taylor Stanton
Best Director 400: Shark Tank, Barbara Twist
Best Actor
: Bradley Jones, from The Hardwood Diaries
Best Actress: Sadie Jane Yarrington
Best TV Sitcom: The Hardwood Diaries, Greg Smith
Best Experimental
: Instructions for Urban Exploration, Perry Janes & Noah Stahl
Best Animation: Fo’Get’Cho’Self, Sam Zettell
Best Cinematography 300: Baile Oscuro, Nic Ureno
Best Cinematography 400: Jacob Mendel for Self Help and Train of Shadows
Best Editing 300: Dreamotion, Matt Infante
Best Editing 400: Connie Huang, When It’s All Been Done Before
Best Sound Design
: Tocar, Matt Glenn
Original Score
: Slash Fiction, Michael Malis
Best Documentary: Tree People, Alan Torres
Best Screenplay
: Work/Study, Ben Ellman

Judges’ Awards
: Joel Arnold for comic timing for both his roles in Phantom Fighters and Its All in The Handwriting
Mary Lou
: Bobo’s Balloons, Chris Duncan and Brandon Verdi
Mike: Baile Oscuro, Lens Flair
: Best Action Sequence, Letters to No One, Billy Jackson

Honorable Mentions
Blue Skies
404 Screendance Class for Best Films Overall