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Global Media Studies Minor

What Is a Global Media Studies Minor?

The Department of Film, Television, and Media offers the Global Media Studies Minor to students interested in the study of film and electronically based visual media as national, regional, and global phenomena.

The coursework in this minor provides students with the opportunity to reflect on the expansive geographical scope and cultural diversity of film and moving image electronic media (television, single-camera video, digital). It is studies-based and does not include production. 

Is a GMS Minor the Right Choice for Me?

This course of study is intended to aid students in obtaining culturally specific as well as cross-cultural understanding of the global impact of moving image media. The minor contributes to an understanding of the unique qualities of textual expression derived from specific cultural and historical contexts as well as to effects of more globalized developments in media technology, narrative and stylistic forms. Students will have the opportunity to study specific cultural modes of media production and reception including, but not limited to the familiar U.S. cultural/industrial model.

There are many students in LSA, especially in the humanities and social sciences, who may be interested in this minor. Students in the following majors may find this minor particularly compatible with their concentration study:

  • Those in Comparative Literature who are drawn to the study of film or electronic media
  • Those in History of Art who wish to study moving image forms in a coherent plan of study emphasizing the international dimension of those forms
  • Those in global language and literature departments with a particular interest in film and electronic media
  • Those in social science fields who are interested in international film and electronic moving image media as the subject of humanistic inquiry.

How Do I Declare a GMS Minor?

In order to declare the Global Media Studies Minor, you are encouraged to attend a declaration event in either the fall or winter terms. These take place shortly after midterm time and prior to registration for the next term. Since there are no prerequisites to the Global Media Studies minor, students may declare at any time.

  • If you are looking to declare your minor during the Summer term please email:

Some Important Tips for GMS Minors RE: Courses

  • Plan to meet with an advisor every term to discuss your course elections.
  • Be aware that some required core courses are offered only once per year, and not every term. 
  • Select courses carefully, as not all courses outside of the Department of Film, Television, and Media which include film or other media will also fulfill requirements for the minor. Courses outside the FTVM unit will be considered on a case-by-case basis; the Department of Film, Television, and Media encourages students to take courses from the offerings within the Department of Film, Television, and Media.
  • At least 9 out of the 16 required credits for the Global Media Studies Minor must be taken in-residence.