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FTVM Class-Related Production Opportunities

FTVM 300 - Auditions for Actors in "Life" and "Audiation" -- Sept. 30, 2018

FTVM 300 is a unique experience for students to take on all elements of a short film - from the initial concept to the final product.

“Life” recognizes that becoming an adult is hard, and your choices become much more difficult. You begin to question your life choices: do you truly get a choice of your career, where you want to live, or with whom you fall in love? Are any of these choices actually your own? Alyssa, Jack, and Sadie fight through their own challenges in a twist on the Game of Life, where anyone could be in control.

“Audiation” examines how future technology isn’t always what it seems. Audiex is more than just an auditory implant--it’s the way of the future. Listen to your music or podcasts anywhere, any time, and share your tunes instantly with a simple tap behind the ear. Traditional headphones have wires that can fray and get tangled; bluetooth earbuds are easily lost; but with Audiex, it’s all in your head. Truly, Audiex is the pinnacle of auditory technology.

Audrey just got her Audiex implant; finally, she can experience what all the hype is about. But not everything is quite as it seems, and she might soon discover that something sinister is hiding within society’s newest fad...

Auditions will be held on September 30th from 2-6 in Mason Hall (Room 1436). To be considered and schedule an audition, email your headshot and resume to If you do not have a headshot and/or resume, please just email the address above with a statement of interest.

Please prepare a one minute contemporary monologue.

We will be filming the weekends of October 26, November 2, November 9, and November 19. Actors will not be called every weekend, but please note that you must have sufficient availability during these times.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

We are excited to embark on this project.

U-M Organizations w/ FTVM Student Involvement - Production Opportunites

There are no opportunities in this category at this time. 

6th Floor Location Shooting Information

If you would like to use an area on the 6th floor to shoot for any part of your student production, please fill out the form below, and bring it to the FTVM office (Room 6330 NQ) for approval at least one week before your requested shoot date.