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FTVM Major

What Is a FTVM Major?

The undergraduate major in the Department of Film, Television, and Media is an integrated major in screen studies (film, television, and new media) and production. Students' coursework is divided between studies and creative, hands-on practice. 

FTVM Students Engage in Study (FTVM 236, left) and Production (FTVM 301)

Students in Matthew Solomon’s FTVM 236 lecture watch an oncoming train rush past them during a screening of one of the Lumière brothers’ early experiments with 3D motion picture technology.

FTVM 301 Documentary students learn the ins and outs of the Panasonic AG-160 as David Marek discusses techniques for shooting 2 camera interviews.

What Are the Prerequisites for the FTVM Major?

Students interested in pursuing a FTVM Major must first complete the following prerequistie course with a grade of C- or higher:

FTVM 236 - The Art of Film  (4 credits)

What Are the Requirements for the FTVM Major?

How Do I Declare a FTVM Major?

In order to declare the FTVM major, students are encouraged to attend a declaration event in either the fall or winter term. These events take place shortly after midterm time and prior to registration for the next term. Students may attend to declare the Department of Film, Television, and Media (FTVM) major if they are achieving a C- or above in the pre-requisite course, FTVM 236, at the time of declaration.