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Fall Admits



The Summer Orientation program is the largest orientation program run by the University of Michigan. For nine weeks in the summer, beginning with the first Sunday in June through the first week of August, new first-year students arrive on campus for a three-day orientation program. The office of New Student Programs (ONSP) has developed a series of sessions for students to introduce them to many features of the University and to help them understand their roles as students. More than 5,000 students go through these programs each year. CSP usually orients the bulk of its entering students (250) in these programs.

All first-year students are required to attend Summer Orientation. Students admitted through CSP will have separate sessions and academic advising meetings to attend during orientation.


Important Dates

Please visit the Office of New Student Programs for more information regarding Summer Orientation dates.

Prepare for Orientation

  • Orientation will be a busy time, so it’s important to plan ahead for the program. 
  • Once you have registered for your Summer Orientation program, please visit the Office of New Student Programs for a list of things to do before you come to orientation. You can also visit MyGuide for a comprehensive, easy to follow list.
  • In addition, please consider the following: Have classes in mind! Review the LSA Course guide before you arrive.
    • Consider 100-level courses, First-Year Seminars, and be mindful of prerequisite courses needed before you can declare your major.
  • Take all placement tests that are recommended: Math, Foreign Language, Chemistry, and the Directed Self-Placement for Writing.
    • You cannot start in a language at Michigan without a placement exam if you have had any formal instruction in that language. If you are beginning a new language, then a placement exam is not necessary.
  • Plan to register for a section of CSP 101 designated for incoming Fall students who are not in another learning community.
  • CSP Courses are listed on our website. CSP courses require overrides/permissions. Academic Advisors will request overrides for you until the first day of classes. However, once classes have begun, your instructor must put in the override request for you.


  • In addition to the schedule that the Office of New Student Programs has planned, students and parents will break off during Day 2 and Day 3 of orientation to attend CSP information and advising sessions.
  • Day 2: 
    • 10:00-11:30 AM: CSP Orientation for Parents
    • 1:00-2:30 PM: LSA CSP Students: Group Meeting (non-LSA CSP students report to their home colleges for orientation and registration)
    • 2:30-5:00 PM: CSP students meet with CSP Academic Advisor
    • 7:15-10:15 PM: All CSP Students: Backpacking Session
  • Day 3:
    • Beginning at 9:00 AM: CSP Student Registration Appointments


  • Please watch for an email from your CSP Academic Advisor indicating next steps.
  • The Office of New Student Programs has created this post-orientation checklist for freshmen students to help remind you of important things to accomplish before classes begin in September. Items in bold are required; all others are recommended.


  • How do I get a CSP Academic Advisor?
    • Upon entry into CSP, you are assigned an Academic Advisor who is also your LSA Advisor. You will work with this advisor until graduation. Appointments can be made by calling our office at (734) 764‐9128 or online.
  • What about degree requirements?
    • Your CSP advisor will help you develop your academic program, suggest enrichment opportunities, check your progress toward degree, and explain academic policies and commitments. 
  • Can I be in CSP and in other living/learning communities?
    • Yes, CSP students are represented in every school, college, and program on campus. In fact, we encourage our students to join other communities and to utilize as many campus resources as possible.
  • Can any student join CSP? Do I have to be in CSP to utilize its services?
    • Any undergraduate may apply to become a Program Affiliate by simply filling out our online application. Yes, our services are restricted to CSP students and they are given enrollment priority for all CSP courses.
  • Are there any requirements or obligations as a CSP student?
    • All CSP (affiliates, non-bridge) students must register for a 1‐ credit membership course (CSP 101) during their first fall term. This course introduces students to the benefits of CSP membership and helps them develop effective campus connections.
  • How are CSP Academic Advising and courses different from other departments?
    • We offer continuous advising while working with your CSP instructors to offer support throughout your years here at Michigan. This is part of our holistic approach. CSP courses are intensive with smaller class enrollment and taught by experienced instructors who provide individualized attention and additional office hours.
  • How to register for CSP courses?
    • Access to CSP courses is by permission only through an academic advisor. Non‐CSP students have access to CSP courses at the end of the registration cycle and must request permission to register from a CSP advisor.
  • How to request a tutor?
    • Contact your advisor with the course you need a tutor for and they will submit the online request for you. During your appointment, you will also discuss your progress in the course and create a strategy for success.
  • What is the Summer Bridge Scholars Program?
    • Summer Bridge Scholars is a seven week intensive academic preparation program. This residential program is designed to give students first‐hand knowledge and experiences of student life at a large research university.