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Michigan Mentorship Matters (MMM), the Comprehensive Studies Program’s (CSP)mentorship effort began in the fall of 2013. MMM seeks to align with the community building mission of the CSP program by “connecting students personally” – the motto of the program – to both the CSP and wider UM communities. MMM also works to encourage the students who participate to engage in a deeper exploration of the campus and the rich resources available to them both at the University of Michigan (UM) and in its surrounding environs during their undergraduate journey. MMM pairs first-year (freshmen and transfer) students with upperclassmen to:

  • Build relationships and community
  • Provide support while transitioning to the University of Michigan
  • Potentially build college long, maybe lifelong connections within pairs
  • Connect to resources at CSP and the UM overall
  • Offer strategies to improve study skills, time management, and wellness
  • Make a complex, very large university feel much smaller and navigable

CSP’s mentorship relationships are developed and cultivated by offering pre-planned academic, fun, creative and social skill building activities, community building events via one-on-one and small group gatherings. We also complete at least one activity per semester that involves all members of the mentorship program.

If you have additional questions, or would like to receive the application to either become a mentor or to receive a mentor, please contact Liese A. Hull (