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Life Abroad

Technology Abroad

Can I use my cell phone in a foreign country?

Yes, you can. However, using data while abroad can get extremely expensive, extremely quickly. Check with your phone provider for options and pricing if you want to use data abroad. If you turn data off, you can still use your cell phone while abroad when connected to wifi. There are even free messaging apps, such as Viber and Whatsapp that allow you to text and call people over wifi for free while abroad. Many students choose to purchase a burner cell once in their host country—talk to your program advisor for more information. Underdeveloped and rural areas might have fewer options for cell reception and wifi.

Will my chargers work abroad?

Yes, your phone, laptop, and tablet chargers as well as anything else you might bring that plugs in (hair dryer, electric razor, etc.) should work but likely will not plug in directly to the outlets in your host country. Research online what kind of adapter you will need for the countries to which you intend to travel.

Life Immediately after Arrival

Is jet lag a myth or reality?

Jet lag is definitely not a myth; often, rapid travel will throw off our circadian rhythm which is the biological clock that determines when we wake and fall asleep. Although it varies from person to person, symptoms of jet lag can range from increased fatigue to trouble falling asleep to loss of appetite. If you are crossing more than three time zones, you will likely feel some symptoms.

How do I fix/solve jet lag?

A good way of preventing jet lag is preparing before you actually go abroad. Look up the time difference in the country you are traveling to and try to slowly shift your bedtime schedule to match it a few days in advance. Once you arrive in your intended destination, resist the urge to take a nap during the day and follow the sleep schedule of locals. If symptoms begin to appear, try to stay hydrated and keep moving to get blood flowing throughout your body.