Designed to be 20-30 minutes in length, the CGIS Brief was created to give CGIS staff and prospective study abroad students an opportunity to have a conversation on various topics as a way to encourage students to start thinking more about their time abroad prior to departure. Topics range from working out abroad and food culture to navigating study abroad during a pandemic, scam and fraud abroad, and so much more!

We encourage everyone to ask questions throughout the conversation or share out any insight of their own. Each event is co-run and co-facilitated by the CGIS Brief Team (Ashton, Callie and Stephen) every other Thursday at 3:00pm EST on Zoom!

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Topic Date Time
Finessing your way
through Scholarships
Travel Safe: Scams
& Fraud Abroad
Food Culture Abroad 11/19/20
Dating & Sexual
Health Abroad

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