Study abroad can be enormously fulfilling, but aspects of it can be quite challenging as well. The Resilient Traveling project provides excellent resources for dealing with the stresses that can stem from studying abroad. On the Resilient Traveling project website, you can view instructional video stories about:

  • Loneliness
  • Culture Shift
  • Group Conflict
  • Personal Struggles
The content on resiliency and its applicability to international travel was developed by the University of Michigan Psychological Clinic staff. The concern to develop  psychological resilience in students going on overseas experiences came from many years of clinical work. We are aware of the profound impact that unforeseen challenges can have on students' lives both in the field and when they return to university life. We offer these tools and insights to assist in that transition . We thank all those of who shared their struggles and accomplishments with us, and we hope that this website will help others to have a rich and life-changing adventure as they explore the world.