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WISE RP Around Campus

Intramural Sports

Students stay active and bond by participating in intramural sports. Each year, WISE RP students create and join various intramural sports teams!

WISE RP are IM Soccer champions!

WISE RP Flag Football Team

WISE RP Basketball Team

The Theater 

Thirteen members of the WISE RP attended a showing of the 1884 operetta Princess Ida. A production mounted by the U-M Gilbert And Sullivan Society, WISE RP participants were invited to the show by members of the Society, keeping in mind the relevance of the storyline to women’s education in the sciences. WISE RP members were also proud to support first-year student Grace Hankes, who served as the Assistant Stage Manager for the production.

WISE RP Women in Sports

  • Varsity Rowing
  • Club Hockey
  • Club Gymnastics
  • Club Triathalon 
  • Women's Rugby
  • Equestrian Team
  • Club Ultimate Frisbee
  • Club Volleyball

Marching Band

WISE RP women are represetned in the Michigan Marching Band and other campus bands.

Campus and University concert bands are also popular among our students and allow them to pursue interests outside of STEM.

We are proud of our WISE RP musicians!

Women's Glee Club

Each year, WISE RP has a few members join the Women's Glee Club through a competitive audition. Members travel domestically and internationally to perform. 

Dance Marathon

Each year, two WISE RP students form a team for Dance Marathan (DMUM) and encourage other WISE RP students to participate in DMUM every year. These women meet a few times a month to discuss fundraising events, participate in social events, and meet the children and families who benefit from Dance Marathon's pediatric rehabilitation therapies. Social events include bowling with the children, pumpkin carving, bucketing to reach their goal. 

Society of Women Engineers

WISE RP women in the College of Engineering often join the non-residential community of SWE. SWE hosts the biggest career fair on campus, invites over 300 companies to host corporate information sessions, engage hundreds of K-12 students across the globe in engineering outreach activities, host several charity events (including a 5K Fun Run and the Engineering Games Competition), and organize several networking and professional development events. 

WISE RP Around the Country

Alternative Spring Break: St. Louis

WISE RP students attend ASB trips each year through another program. Emma traveled to St. Louis, MO to volunteer with Doorways.

"Doorways is a non-profit organization that provides housing for people that were homeless and are HIV positive. While there, we painted the housing residency, reorganized and redid a community learning center for children, and also assisted in the opening of the first on side nursing clinic in the family housing unit."

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics: Washington D.C.

WISE RP women are active women in their fields of study. Here is Megan on her trip to D.C. on behalf of AIAA chapter at the University of Michigan. 

"For three days I went to Washington DC and advocated for aerospace policies. I shared what it was like to be a woman in aerospace engineering and explained how important it is to hire a diverse workforce. Talent isn’t concentrated to one type of person, it’s evenly distributed between everyone. If we only look for one type of person, we’re at a disadvantage because we lose the opportunity to experience a wide range of strengths."