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Giving Opportunities


Our charge as a community is to be an exemplar for other STEM living and learning communities (LLCs). The Women in Science and Engineering Residence Program (WISE RP) serves as a catalyst for transformation! It is a space that affirms and celebrates difference and empowers change agents. The WISE RP team strives to ensure community members leave the experience with increased self-efficacy, enhanced leadership skills, and a greater sense of how they hope to make an impact on their respective fields of study.

Your Gifts at Work

Thanks to friends like you, we are able to actualize our mission!

“Before this experience, I had never done research and was unsure of what area of Electrical Engineering I wanted to pursue. However, I am now certain of my interest in semiconductors, and am strongly considering continuing research in graduate school. I would not have come to this realization without your support, since having financial assistance allowed me to stay in Ann Arbor and work for a lab. I learned many technical skills, academic knowledge, and general research strategies that have made me much more confident in my own abilities and interests.”

–Aida Ruan

“When I first applied for Summer Scholars, I did not realize the amount of career and educational development I would receive through a summer research experience. It has confirmed that a PhD and career in research is the best path for me, and has been fundamental to my growth as a student and scientist.” 

–Allyson May

“Being a WISE RP Summer Scholar also provided me with a great “home base” of sorts in the form of the WISE RP Staff and other scholars throughout the summer. The weekly classes we had helped me feel more comfortable in my research and feel more confident in how to market this research to different crowds. Hearing all the other interesting research topics the fellow scholars were doing was also very exciting to me. I definitely feel like I can better market and advocate for myself and feel more secure in putting myself out there in the world of chemistry.”

–Rachel Hendrian

“Thank you so much for making this summer research experience possible! It was an enlightening experience that has well prepared me for future career decisions.”

–Dre Hubers

Giving Opportunities

WISE RP Strategic Fund (314018)

Contributions will support WISE RP students with internships and summer research fellowships in the STEM fields. Funds will also provide career exploration opportunities, including site visits, alumni panels and job shadowing, for these participants.

STEM Service Learning/Study Abroad

The WISE RP would like to expose the community to the ways in which STEM shapes and informs many facets of the public good, both domestic and international. In collaboration with campus partners and national organizations, the WISE RP is working to establish a service learning/study abroad component to the program.

The goal is to allow students an opportunity to engage with and support community and global partners on STEM-centric initiatives. The desired outcomes will be that students will broaden their understanding of how science, technology, engineering, and math, inform the world around them and learn how they can be better stewards of the knowledge they are acquiring to support the greater good.

Summer Research/Internship Scholars Program

Each year the WISE RP supports 4-8 students engaging in research or an internship each summer. The summer scholars program provides professional development through workshops, research symposiums, and social/cultural activities as well as financial support ($2000-$4000/student) to offset expenses incurred over the summer as many of the research experiences and internships are unpaid.

Having an expendable gift to support student research and internships is at the core of the WISE RP mission and we would be grateful to be able to continue to support as many students as possible.

Passport to Success Program

For the 2022-23 academic year, WISE RP launched the Passport to Success Program, our co-curricular initiative to curate programming for the community.

The WISE RP Passport to Success program will allow students to learn more about themselves as students, future STEM leaders, and as human beings. WISE RP leadership team, alongside campus and industry partnerships, will implement workshops, industry excursions, speakers and panels, and critical conversations that elevate and enhance student learning in a living & learning environment.Funding support to assist in actualizing this program will allow us to accomplish these learning objectives and goals, further enhancing the STEM efficacy of our students.

Thank you for supporting WISE-RP!