Wake up, walk to Craig and Marion’s Internship Reflection Seminar at the Detroit Center. Discuss previous week’s field trip to one of cohort member’s internship sites, strategies for exiting internships respectfully, and turn in journals. Run home to Cass Corridor Commons, make quick lunch, then head out for internship for afternoon. Spend evening finishing writing for Darcy’s class tomorrow.


Wake up, go downstairs to Environmental Justice Community Organizing class with Diana. Work on finishing up group projects. Quick lunch, then off to Darcy’s Detroit Artist As Activist class at the Detroit Center. Workshop short stories, discuss plans for final book project.

Receive Marion’s weekly events email while walking home, giggle at the funny gif/photo they included, then shoot a text to the cohort through GroupMe to see if anyone wants to go to a couple of the events this week.

Spend evening finishing readings and response for Stephen’s class tomorrow morning.  


Wake up, head to Stephen’s Detroit History class downstairs. Discuss gentrification in the context of the “rise and fall” narrative of Detroit. Free afternoon spent reading at nearby coffee shop.  Spend evening in house meeting with fellow housemates at Cass Corridor Commons discussing who left that one dish in the sink 3 days ago.


Sleep in, spend a half day at internship. Come home, eat quick dinner, then head out with fellow cohort members to one of Marion’s suggested events this week, The Color of Surveillance: A Political Education Event at the Boggs Center. Learn a lot about Project Greenlight and surveillance in the city; make mental note to write about it for Craig and Marion’s class journal.


Wake up early to get to internship. Spend whole day at internship, come home, write journal about the event last night, & crash.


Sleep in, make a big breakfast, watch some tv. Head out to Brightmoor Artisan Collective’s Candlemaking workshop in the afternoon. Come home to Commons, make a protest sign, and head downstairs for the start of the End Incineration Demonstration during Noel Night.


Sleep in, then get started on readings for the week. Finish up journals for Craig and Marion’s class, make a big vat of chili for the week, then head out for $5 yoga at the MOCAD. Go to bed!