Greetings to our Pilot Program/Lloyd Hall Scholar Program (LHSP) Alumni!


This is an important time to connect with our alumni. This fall, the Pilot Program/LHSP will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. We hope you will join us for a weekend event on October 12, 2012 (Reunion Weekend) to celebrate the oldest living-learning community on UM’s campus. You may find more information about the weekend on our website, which will include links to a Reunion blog and Facebook page. We invite you to share your thoughts, memories, photographs, or any other artifacts that encapsulate your years in the Pilot Program/LHSP. If you are interested in serving on or contributing to a Reunion Steering Committee, please also let us know. While our celebration will include our current students’ talents, we also want to showcase what was most significant about your time here.


LHSP has just moved into the beautifully renovated Alice Lloyd Hall.  As always, we have extraordinarily talented and motivated students this year.  A list of their clubs and groups indicates the breadth of their interests: Art and Literary Journal, Creative Writing Club, Dance Club, Extemporary Arts Club, Improv Club, Music Club, Photography Club, Public Art Club. Our curriculum, too, continues to engage students with innovation and interdisciplinarity. Our studio arts class last fall, “Big Paintings,” created a giant mural that was installed prominently in Palmer Commons (it looks terrific!). This year our artist-in-residence Jerzy Drozd will give workshops and talks, visit clubs, and meet with students individually about their cartoon-art form in weekly “office hours.” Our Caldwell Poetry Awards continue to be popular. Please join us if you can!


As we plan for our 50th Reunion, we continue to face difficult budget constraints. We ask for any help that you can give us.  Your gift of $50 could enable LHSP to purchase supplies for a screenwriting workshop or bookmaking seminar.  A gift of $100 could help us sponsor an out-of-town theater or museum trip.  A gift of $500 could help bring a prominent author to campus for a reading, class visit, or literary discussion.  A gift of $1,000 or more could help us plan international programs or institute a scholarship program for students in need. We appreciate your generosity, whatever your ability to give.  And we hope you will keep in touch ( ).




Carol Tell, Ph.D.

Faculty Director