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Approved Courses


Judaic 150

First Year Seminar in Judaic Studies (topics)

Judaic 205

What is Judaism?

Judaic 210

Sources of Jewish History

Judaic 218

Humanities Topics in Judaism

Judaic 244

The History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Judaic 245

Jews and Other Jews

Judaic 250

Jewish Film: Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality

Judaic 253

The Mediterranean: Jewish Studies

Judaic 255

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in Israeli Culture

Judaic 256

Israeli Literature and Culture

Judaic 257

Ancient Law

Judaic 258

The Bible as Literature

Judaic 260

Introduction to the Talmud and the Rabbis

Judaic 271

Contact and Conflict: Jewish Experience in Eastern Europe through Art, Film and Literature

Judaic 277

The Land of Israel/Palenstine through the Ages

Judaic 281

Jews in the Modern World: Texts, Images, Ideas

Judaic 290

Jews and Muslins

Judaic 296

Perspectives on the Holocaust

Judaic 317

Topics in Judaic Studies

Judaic 318

Humanities Topics in Judaism

Judaic 319

Judaic Studies Abroad

Judaic 320

The Jewish Graphic Novel

Judaic 323

History of Jewish Visual Culture: From Ancient Mosaics to Jew-Hop Videos

Judaic 326

History of the Jews in the Roman and Early Byzantine Worlds

Judaic 343

American Jews and Media Industries

Judaic 344

Passing: Race, Religion and Getting By

Judaic 350

Legacy of the Holocaust in Yugoslav Culture

Judaic 351

Anne Frank in Context

Judaic 360

A Global History of the Jews of Spain

Judaic 376

Women and the Bible

Judaic 384

Modern Jewish History 1880-1948

Judaic 386

The Holocaust

Judaic 387

History of American Jews

Judaic 388

Antisemitism and Philosemitism: Jews in Myth and Thought

Judaic 389

Jewish Literature

Judaic 410

Sociology of the American Jewish Community

Judaic 417

Topics in Judaic Studies

Judaic 435

Cultural History of Russian Jews through Literature and the Arts

Judaic 437

Yiddish in New York: The First 150 Years

Judaic 451

The Politics and Culture of Modern East European Jewry

Judaic 467

Seminar: Topics in the Study of Judaism

Judaic 468

Jewish Mysticism

Judaic 470

Reading the Rabbis

Judaic 478

Jewish Modern Thought

Judaic 495

Independent Studies

Judaic 496

Independent Studies

Judaic 497

Senior Thesis

Judaic 498

Senior Thesis

Judaic 500

Independent Study in Judaic Studies

Judaic 505

What is Judaism?

Judaic 517

Topics in Judaic Studies

Judaic 600

Judaic Studies Graduate Independent Study

Judaic 601

Introduction to Methods and Topics in Judaic Studies

Judaic 652

Jewish Political Thought and Experiences: Eastern Europe, America and Israel

Judaic 890

Judaic Studies Capstone Research Course


Judaic 101/431

Elementary Yiddish I

Judaic 102/432

Elementary Yiddish II

Judaic 201/531

Intermediate Yiddish I

Judaic 202/532

Intermediate Yiddish II

Judaic 301/631

Advanced Yiddish I

Judaic 302/632

Advanced Yiddish II

NESLang 101/501

Elementary Classical Hebrew I

NESLang 102/502

Elementary Classical Hebrew II

NESLang 201/601

Intermediate Classical Hebrew I

NESLang 202/602

Intermediate Classical Hebrew II

Hebrew 101

Elementary Modern Hebrew I

Hebrew 102

Elementary Modern Hebrew II

Hebrew 201

Intermediate Modern Hebrew I

Hebrew 202

Intermediate Modern Hebrew II

Hebrew 301

Advanced Modern Hebrew I

Hebrew 302

Advanced Modern Hebrew II