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2017-18 Theme: Jews and the Material in Antiquity

Affiliation & Project Titles       

  • Todd Berzon

Bowdoin College

Holy Tongues:  The Materiality of Language in the Religious World of Late Antiquity

  • Rick Bonnie

University of Helsinki     

Material Religion in Hasmonean-Roman Judaea:  The Role of the Senses, Space, and Climate in Determining the Use of Synagogues and Miqva'ot      

  • Sean Burrus

Metropolitan Museum

Image and Empire:  Jewish Identities and Visual Arts under Rome

  • C. Mike Chin

University of California at Davis

Life:  The Natural History of an Early Christian Universe

  • Deborah Forger

University of Michigan

God's Embodiment in Jewish Antiquity

  • Chaya Halberstam

King's University College at the University of Western Ontario

Justice and Mercy Revisited:  A Religious-Legal History of Judicial Impartiality

  • Rachel Neis

University of Michigan

The Reproduction of Species:  Humans and Other Materials in Ancient Rabbinic "Biology"

  • Megan Nutzman

Old Dominion University   

Asclepius and Elijah:  Ritual Healing in Roman and Late Antique Palestine

  • Daniel Picus

Brown University

Ink Sea, Parchment Sky:  Reading Practices of Late Ancient Rabbis

  • Michael Swartz

Ohio State University

The Economics of Ritual in Judaism in Late Antiquity

  • Juan Tebes

Catholic University of Argentina

Fluid Cultural Boundaries in Idumaea and the Formation of Jewish and Idumaean Identities