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Winter 2022 Offerings

Core Course

Sources of Jewish History

Deborah Dash Moore

Judaic 210

3 credits; HU

T/Th 10-11:30am

First Year Seminars

Film, Fiction and Female in Israel and Palestine

Ruth Tsoffar

Judaic 150.002

3 credits ; HU

T/Th 2:30-4pm

Satan, Sin and Suffering in the Book of Job

Brian Schmidt

Judaic 150.003

3 credits ; HU

T/Th 1-2:30pm


Arts and Cultures of Central Europe: Czech, German, Jewish

Jindrich Toman

Judaic 218.001

3 credits; HU

M/W 2:30-4pm

American Refugees: The Shifting Borders of US Fiction

Joshua Miller

Judaic 218.004

3 credits; HU

M/W 1-2:30pm

Fiddler on the Roof: From Book to Stage

Mikhail Krutikov

Judaic 218.005

1 credit; HU

W 4-6pm remote synchronous

The History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Victor Lieberman

Judaic 244

4 credits; RE, SS

LEC - M/W 4-5:30pm

DIS - various days/times

Experiential Learning in Judaic Studies

Elliot Ginsburg

Judaic 310

3 credits; EXPR

Tu 4-6pm

Jews and Arabs in the Holy Land

Mostafa Hussein

Judaic 318.001

3 credits; HU

T/Th 11:30am-1pm

Andrew Shiva / Wikipedia

Jerusalem: One City Three Faiths

Mostafa Hussein

Judaic 318.004

3 credits; HU

T/Th 8:30-10am

Jewish Languages

Elena Luchina

Judaic 318.005

3 credits; HU

Meets Linguistics Cognate

M/W 10-11:30am

Contemporary France: Race, Religion and Coloniality

Adi Bharat

Judaic 318.006

3 credits; HU

M/W 1-2:30pm

This course will be taught primarily in French so students should have at least a conversational level of French. 

The Origins of Nazism

Kira Thurman

Judaic 318.007

4 credits; RE, HU

LEC - T/Th 11:30am-1pm

DIS - various days/times

History of Satan

Jason Zurawski

Judaic 318.014

3 credits; HU

M/W 1-2:30pm

Anne Frank in Context

Annemarie Toebosch

Judaic 351

3 credits; RE, HU

Sec. 001: T/Th 11:30am-1pm

Sec. 002: M/W 11:30am-1pm

Archaeology and the Bible

Jessie DeGrado

Judaic 375

3 credits; ULWR, ID

T/Th 2:30-4pm 

Undergraduate/Graduate Electives

Life and Thought of Abraham Joshua Heschel

Elliot Ginsburg

Judaic 417.003

3 credits

W 1-4pm

Graduate Electives

Introduction to Methods and Topics in Judaic Studies

Shachar Pinsker

Judaic 601

3 credits

Th 6-9pm

At Home in America: Post WWII American Jews

Deborah Dash Moore

Judaic 645

3 credits

T 2-5pm


First Year Yiddish II

Elena Luchina

Judaic 102/432

4 credits

M and W 12-1:30pm remote synchronous

F 1-2pm meets in-person

Second Year Yiddish II

Elena Luchina

Judaic 202/532

4 credits

M and Tu 4-5:30pm remote synchronous

Th 4-5pm meets in-person

Saloniki: Evrei v traditsionnoi odezhde, 1910 (Salonika: Jews in traditional dress). Postcard housed at the U-M Library, Special Collections Research Center.

Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) II

Gabriel Mordoch

Judaic 218.002/517.001

3 credits; HU

Meets 300-level Spanish Cognate 

T/Th 10-11am meets in-person

F meets asynchronously 

Hebrew Courses
Coordinated by the
Middle East Studies Department