TV Producer Shaw Brown visited Terri Sarris's FTVM 304 - WOLV class last week to talk about his television career after leaving Michigan and give students advice about working in broadcast television. He invited students to send their resumes and work samples for his review and promised to connect students with other Michigan alums at ESPN, NBC, and various other outlets.  The class took "The Michigan Oath" -- the promise that once you have begun your career you will help other Michigan grads who come to you seeking career advice.  Sarris asked Brown to take that oath in her class in 1995 --  and he kept it by coming back to talk to students and agreeing to help them as they start their careers -- despite his demanding work schedule (The night before Brown came to visit the class, he had produced a televised soccer match in Orlando and, upon leaving, he was on his way to produce another in Connecticut).  Sarris and her students are truly grateful that Brown took the time to "fit FTVM in" to his very busy life. For more about Shaw Brown's career, click here