Vincent Longo has been selected for the Outstanding UROP Mentor Award based on his work on "The Heart of Darkness" project “Creating a 21st-Century Archive: Orson Welles’ Unrealized Masterpiece.” One of only eight UROP mentors to receive this award, Longo was nominated by his UROP students, Elijah Segraves, Erin Ringel, Jordan Stanton, and Sidney Simoncini; he also received a letter of support from Professor Matthew Solomon. Solomon states, "[Vincent] is both the youngest recipient to receive this honor and the only PhD pre-candidate to ever be selected for the award in its history. His work has truly been superlative, and the amazing job he has done is reflected not only in the outstanding research findings his team has generated but also in the glowing comments he received from all four of the first-year undergraduate students whose research he has supervised. The strategies he used will be reported in a forthcoming contribution to the CINEMA JOURNAL online Teaching Media Dossier devoted to "Media Studies and the Archive" which he co-authored with Phil Hallman and myself."