Thomas Delapa's book review of Film Criticism in the Digital Age has been published in the Journal of Film and Video (Vol. 69, No. 2 [Summer 2017], pp. 54-56). Delapa contends, 

"[...] Well before the online revolution, the major studios began marginalizing critics with massive, multiplex openings and huge marketing campaigns, allowing for even atrocious movies to make their millions before the word got out via reviews or word of mouth. Although several of the book’s contributors defensively counter that today there are more “critics” than ever, ergo raising the level of discourse, in fact the vast majority of these aficionados are writing from an insulated, often solipsistic perch well within the grasp, Videodrome-style, of an omnipresent mass culture, whether it is extending from studio-promoted fan(boy) sites or the commercialized social media. In such an over-sharing, participatory pop culture where the immersive experience is king, to be on the outside looking in—where a serious critic must be—is to be defriended, trashed, and voted off the island for eternity..."

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