In mid-November, Professor Bertellini attended a workshop on contemporary Italian cinema at Wellesley College; then, he presented his latest book, The Divo and the Duce: Promoting Film Stardom and Political Leadership in 1920s America (UC Press, 2019) at the Calandra Institute for Italian American Culture and, in December, at the University of Bologna, where he spent two weeks as Faculty Exchange Fellow in the context of a Michigan/Bologna Consortial Studies Program. While in Bologna, he also delivered a lecture (“Immagini emblematiche”) on how he identifies and makes use photographs in his publications and researched the Mino Doletti Collection at the Cineteca di Bologna. 

This month, the Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies, for which Professor Bertellini serves as Associate Editor, published the description and goals of two new columns that he will curate, “Translations” and “Archival Notes.” Devoted to, respectively, English translations of critical, but rarely circulating essays on Italian cinema and media and little-known archival collections preserved in Italian repositories, these columns will feature the contributions of scholars, translators, and archivists active in the field of Italian cinema and media studies.