On September 22, 2022, Associate Professor Daniel Herbert gave a presentation called "Franchising Blackness: New Line Cinema's Racial Industrial Logic" at a Zoom symposium hosted by the University of Delaware entitled, To Be Continued, 2: Defining, Producing, Performing, Consuming, and Theorising Serials and Adaptations.

This two-day Zoom symposium brought scholars of adaptation and seriality into an open conversation with one another, not by recommending a single master set of terms or procedures for adaptation and seriality, still less by seeking to absorb either one of them into the other, but rather by raising questions of common concern to both fields and encouraging practitioners in both to share their views and facilitate collaboration. Herbert's talk examined how New Line Cinema developed films and franchises that featured predominantly Black casts, and which were often made by Black filmmakers, and examined how these films deviated from other franchises from the 1990s.


Professor Herbert also weighed in on NPR's It's Been a Minute, on the September 23, 2022, episode "Actor Judy Greer on 'Reboot' - and why are there so many TV reboots, anyway?" Guest host Elise Hu talks with Herbert about his book Film Reboots about why so many old shows are being remade now.