FTVM Alum Nathan Scherrer ('12) was nominated for two Grammys for Best Music Video: Pharrell's "Freedom" and The Dead Weather's "I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)."  Michigan Radio writer Josh Hakala, in his article "Northport, Michigan native goes from intern to Grammy-nominated video producer," shares information from Nathan's recent interview on NPR's Stateside: "In college, Scherrer was a pre-business and pre-law student at the University of Michigan before he took a film class during his junior year and 'switched gears completely.' After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles.'I went out [to Los Angeles] with a couple hundred bucks, and just tried to figure it out,' said Scherrer, whose first job was to drive the talent from the parking lot to the set. He credits his work ethic and persistence as an intern as the key to climbing the ladder in the music video business." Listen to Nathan's full interview -- and hear the full story behind the making of the videos and his advice about how to make it in show business -- here

Scherrer graduated with a double major in Sociology and the Department of Film, Television, and Media and a Screenwriting Sub-Major.