Dr. Banerjee is Anant M. Kshirsagar Collegiate Research Professor of Biostatistics atUniversity of Michigan’s School of Public Health. She is also Director of Biostatistics at theCenter for Healthcare Outcomes and Policy, member of the Rogel Cancer Center, and member of the Office of Global Public Health at Michigan. She received her BStat and MStat degrees from the Indian Statistical Institute and her PhD in Statistics from the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Banerjee's methodological research focuses on machine learning, correlated data, survival analyses, and competing risks, with applications to health services and outcomes research. Her areas of substantive research are cancer and pediatric heart disease. She studies fundamental issues related to healthcare delivery, outcomes, and health disparities in the population, using national disease registries, claims data, and electronic health records. Dr. Banerjee is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association, and an elected member of the International Statistical Institute.

Apart from all of Dr. Banerjee’s success as a scholar in public health and biostatistics, she is also a singer and writer. Dr. Banerjee has released music albums and even published poetry, including “White Noise” (see link below). Additionally, Dr. Banerjee is the executive director of Tagore Beyond Boundaries, a nonprofit art foundation that brings music from her culture and country to the next generation of music students. Dr. Banerjee’s passions highlight how science and art compliment each other, and this is a phenomenon she has acknowledged since she was a child. Dr. Banerjee’s love of mathematics and logic is strengthened by utilizing their beauty to potentially help people live healthier lives through research. 

The current students of the WISE RP had an amazing evening learning about Dr. Banerjee’s journey and the ways in which she intersects science and art. The WISE RP is very appreciative of Dr. Banerjee’s time and wisdom shared.


Check out some of Dr. Banerjee’s work here:

White Noise by Dr. Mousumi Banerjee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BvT0buVD_Q