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Energy Science and Policy Minor

Are our energy systems sustainable? If not, what could the world do differently? Energy underlies all of our modern technological, social, political, economic, and ecological systems. The minor is designed to provide the information and analytic skills necessary to understanding the sustainable production and consumption of energy across a variety of disciplinary perspectives.  

Requirements for Energy Science and Policy Minor

INTRODUCTORY COURSE (1 course; 3 credits). Choose from:

PUBPOL/ENVIRON 250 Social Systems, Energy, and Policy
PHYSICS 210 Energy for the Future

TOPICS COURSES: (4 courses total, minimum 12 credits). At least two courses at the 300 level or above) Either select:

2 courses from the Energy Economics and Policy category and 2 courses from the Energy Production, Extraction & Technology category

OR select:

2 courses from one of the above categories and 1 course from the other of the above categories and 1 Breadth course

Energy Economics & Policy Courses

ARCH/UP 357 Architecture, Sustainability and the City: Ideas, Forces and People Shaping the Built Environment
CHEM 260 Chemical Principles
ENVIRON 312/POLSCI 380 Environmental Politics and Policy
ECON 370/ENVIRON 375 Environmental and Resource Economics
ECON 437 Energy Economics and Policy
ENVIRON 407/CEE 307 Sustainable Cities
ENVIRON 475 Environmental Law
POLSCI 335 Energy Politics
POLSCI 497/INTLSTD 401 Politics of Energy in the Developing World
PUBPOL 564 Government Regulation of Industry and Environment
UP 572 Transportation and Land-Use Planning
UP 671 Public Policy and Transportation 

Energy Production, Extraction & Technology Courses

CEE 230 Energy and Environment
EARTH 344/ENVIRON 344 (Camp Davis) Sustainable and Fossil Energy
EARTH 380/ENVIRON 380 Mineral Resources, Economics, and the Environment
EECS 498.004 Special Topics, Energy
EECS 598  Special Topics, Energy
ENVIRON 404 Cars, Sustainability, and Energy Conversion
MECHENG 433 Advanced Energy Solutions
MECHANG 438 Internal Combustion Engines
PHYSICS 406 Statistical and Thermal Physics
PUBPOL 519/NRE 574 Sustainable Energy Systems

Breadth Courses

AAS 359 African Politics
AAS 432 Violent Environments: Oil, Development and the Discourse of Power
ANTHRCUL 439 Economic Anthropology and Development
ARTDES 250 Art, Design, and the Environment
CEE 265 Sustainable Engineering Principles
CHE 230 Material and Energy Balances
EARTH 284/ENVIRON 284 Environmental Geology
ENGLISH 319 Literature of Climate Change
ECON 432 Government Regulation of Industry
ECON 455 The Economy of the People’s Republic of China
ENVIRON 304 / ENGLISH 320 Energy topics only
ENVIRON 365 International Environmental Policy
ENVIRON 412 Environmental Values in Public Policy
GERMAN 326 Germany and the Environment
HISTORY 222/ENVIRON 221 Global Environmental History
HISTORY 224 Global Nuclear Proliferation
HISTORY 241 America and Middle Eastern Wars
HISTORY 285 Science, Technology, Medicine, and Society
NRE 480/AOSS 480 Climate Change the Move to Action
POLSCI 364 Public International Law
STRATEGY 455 Base of the Pyramid: Business Innovations for Solving Society’s Problems

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