Elizabeth Armstrong and J. Alex Halderman were among 32 distinguished scholars and writers chosen from among nearly 300 nominations. Each winner will receive up to $200,000 to support a research sabbatical focused on their studies in the social sciences and humanities — the most generous stipend of its kind, nicknamed “the brainy awards.”

A professor of sociology, organizational studies and women’s studies at LSA, Armstrong focuses on the reproduction of gender, class and race inequalities. She examines these processes in the domain of sexuality and within the organizational context of the university.

“I am honored to be selected as an Andrew Carnegie Fellow. The fellowship will enable me to conduct a series of interviews with national leaders and policymakers who have unique insights into the political and legal issues surroundings campus sexual assault,” said Armstrong, who will use the award to extend a project she has been working on with her colleague, Sandy Levitsky, on how universities respond to sexual assault.

“We hope our insights will enable universities to more effectively fulfill their ethical and legal responsibilities to provide educational, work and living spaces free from sexual violence.”

– Armstrong

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