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Mission Statement

Organizational Studies at the University of Michigan is an intellectually rigorous interdisciplinary program dedicated to the intensive theoretical, empirical, and experiential study of organization(s) in society.

We are continually surrounded by organizational structures, from family systems to schools, churches, workplaces and beyond. In fact, the twenty-first century is truly an organizational century. The world's most pressing problems are organizational problems, and the world's most promising solutions are organizational solutions. Around the globe, people are joining together to accomplish "what we cannot do as individuals" - the very definition of organization.

The Interdisciplinary Program in Organizational Studies at the University of Michigan provides multiple perspectives on how we create and influence organizations, and how we are in turn influenced by them. Organizational Studies is an intensive interdisciplinary major for select undergraduate students, designed to train the future leaders of an organizational world. Theoretical appreciation of social organization through foundational courses in sociology, economics, and psychology builds a strong interdisciplinary foundation. Application of knowledge in intensive field research experiences specially designed for our students builds practical knowledge and problem-solving expertise. Broad understanding of pressing issues from fields as diverse as law, public health, business, communication, information, political science, and public policy give our students the possibility for specialized expertise and focus that complements their rigorous training in social science.

The Interdisciplinary Program in Organizational Studies at the University of Michigan fulfills a deep need for young people who are prepared to participate in the complex organizational world. Building on a long tradition of public service and excellence in education, this forward-thinking innovation in the University of Michigan undergraduate curriculum is designed to advance leaders for the twenty-first century.