At left (above), Academy Award-winning visual effects supervisor and UM Alum John Nelson ('76)  gives a a special illustrated lecture describing how he and his team created some of the 1,190 visual effects shots for Blade Runner 2049 (2018 Oscar Winner for Visual Effects)  Using before-and-afters, Nelson detailed the visual effects production process from design to principal photo-graphy to post-production. 

At left (above) Jacob Rich (FTVM '17) and Vesal Stoakley (FTVM '18) filmmakers of The Big House (Directors Markus Nornes, Terri Sarris, and Kazuhiro Soda) ) pose for a photo before the screening of the film in the Feature in Competition Category on Saturday, March 24, 2018, at 1:00 p.m. in the Michigan Theater Main Auditorium. 

After the screening of his film There for a While and Then Gone in the Films in Competition 10 Category on Saturday, March 25, Chris McNamara and DJ Chad Pratt performed a live audiovisual set in the Red Room at the NECTO. After the performance, fans gathered with McNamara for a photo. Pictured above (left to right) are Dylan Bernard, Wenhua Shi, Alisa Yang, Chris McNamara, Cameron Knox, and Shuansaku Hayashi. 

After his lecture, Alum John Nelson ('76) visited the FTVM department on Friday, March 24, 2018. Above, he talks to FTVM senior Annie Cohen in the FTVM editing room about his experiences.

At right, student filmmakers of The Big House and Director Terri Sarris (far right) conduct a Q&A with the audience under the direction of Leslie Raymond, AAFF director (far left). 

On Tuesday, March 20, FTVM faculty, staff, and students enjoyed pizza and conversation at FTVM's annual undergraduate "Dinner and a Movie" event at the Cottage Inn -- a gathering designed for FTVM majors to mingle with the FTVM community and share the experience of opening night at the Ann Arbor Film Festival. Pictured above (left to right), Jennifer Emery, Gabriel Wolfe, Marcella Milder, and Can Ozturk.