May 15, 2019

I was originally introduced to this program by my Community Action and Social Change (CASC) minor advisor. He guided me to this program not only for its benefits to the minor, but also because he felt like it would be in line with my interests. I hadn't looked into the program before this, but after reading about it for a few hours I felt like it would be in line with my interests in the lives of minorities in predominantly white countries. I felt like what I learned here could translate to my activism in the United States.

I would really like to learn how the United Kingdom deals with the immigrant and minority population. The United States really has trouble dealing with this problem. From what I've seen in public spaces, especially on the tube, is that London does a really fantastic job of having all colors enmeshed without problem. I have yet to see hostile looks or actions towards minorities wearing traditional garb unlike in the United States. London seems to have dealt with this problem sufficiently. However (and strong emphasis on that word), I've come to learn through conversation that all of Britain is not this way, especially during this tense time of Brexit. I cannot come to conclusions about the United States based on what I see in New York City, and I think it very well translates to how London might not represent the whole of Britain. I am really interested in learning more about this.

So far, I have seen many sights, but I have seen the London Bridge, the Egg, the Walkie Talkie, St. Paul Chapel, and the tallest building in Europe all in a short 30 minute walk.

June 21st, 2019

Hello all, and goodbye! I had a great time here in London and made some memories that I will definitely never forget. I actually learnt a lot about myself, which was surprising because I came here to learn about other cultures. Although I definitely learnt a lot of things, especially about how terrible pollution can be in inner city London, I loved the self-growth I went through.

I chopped my dreads after a two year, three month beautiful journey. I fell in love with Holland and see myself possibly immigrating there in the future. After being here in Europe and exploring three different countries, I learned that you should always pursue endeavors that matter to you most. Being a minority abroad at first seemed intimidating because of the ethnic make up of London. But I honestly did not feel disadvantaged or troubled the way I feel in America. I appreciate all of you and your compassion for minorities. Keep spreading positivity, and if you ever need an ear to listen to - I'm here.

For any student taking this course in the future, I wish you the best. I was very lucky to learn from Dr. Gutierrez and Dr. Ekottoto, incredibly intelligent women. I hope you get out and explore, try new foods, and discover things about yourself like I did.

New hair, new experiences, new me… who dis?