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All blog posts are by University of Michigan students who have participated in a CGIS program. The following blogs are students studying abroad in Spain. 

Winter 2018

Marlisa reflects on her semester in Granada

Alpujarras. Ronda. Sevilla. Cordoba.

Just a few of the excursions that we’ve taken so far in my IES Granada program. When I first chose to study abroad, I was dead set on going to Madrid. In fact, I even applied to the IES program in Madrid. I only changed my mind once I received an email about the program in Granada and I must say it’s been the best decision I could’ve ever made and part of the reason why I say that is because of the excursions provided in this program.

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Shelby reflects on her semester in Granada

The pre trip jitters started to set in after New Years. I am quite excited to go to Spain, but at the same time nervous to leave my home for that long. Spain seems like a very nice country, full of culture and food and life. Being able to speak the language is a plus, I would be much more nervous going to a place in which I couldn't communicate. I met some of the people that are going to be in my group, and they seem really nice, I think I'll get along with them well. The weather is supposed to be amazing, it's in the 70s right now and I cannot wait to get there! Michigan is quite cold and gloomy at the moment, I'm quite looking forward to a new adventure under the sun.

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Hannah reflects on her winter term in Granada

For me, everything from the ceramic tile street signs to the fountains flowing in the city plazas was exciting, new, and just so different. Now a few weeks later, that stage is starting to fade and I'm entering the into some deeper adjustment. When you spend time living in a new place, your focus starts to shift to the differences between this new culture and you home culture, and internal conflicts inevitably arise. With the first weeks of novelty now wearing off, the new challenge is to be patient in the slow shift away from all things comfortable and familiar and adapting to those unfamiliar and unknown cultural customs and ideas. 

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Spring/Summer 2018

Dipita reflects on her spring term in Barcelona

My friends and I arrived to our study abroad program a day early. We did a lot of walking today. I thought walking from Central Campus, like the Union area, to the hill was a lot, but try walking 10 miles in one day! Yep, my friends and I walked 10 miles in one day without realizing it. 

I discovered lots of interesting and cultural differences on the first day. I learned that there is a law stating you are not allowed to make loud noises past 10pm, if you do so, you can get fined. Showers should not be longer than 10min because of the limited water supply here. The streets are very narrow! Everyone drives really fast, so you cannot j-walk!

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Nyla reflects on her spring term in Barcelona

My name is Nyla Hart and I recently finished my sophomore year at the university.  I’m from Detroit, MI and I’ll be a part of the Sports and Society: Barcelona trip.  I’ve travelled internationally once before with my family and we visited Accra, Ghana.  I’ve been very nervous the past few days as my trip gets closer and closer.  My flight leaves tomorrow at 10 AM.  One of the things that I am worried about is being African American while abroad.  I know myself and I know that I can become easily stressed about things.  I’ve talked to my mom about how I’ve been feeling and she’s reassured me many times and has been trying to make me feel comfortable before my trip.

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Jack reflects on his spring term in Barcelona

I didn’t have much expectations about this trip. Maybe because I didn’t want to assume anything or maybe because of lack of experience. I’d never been out of the country before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I knew things would be different, but how different? And what exactly would be different? As my departure date neared I grew more excited with each day.

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