Aside from my research-based experience, I experienced a minor cultural shock. Growing up I always identified myself as African-American. However when I arrived in Africa I noticed the different cultures, and I knew I was not a part of either. This epiphany was confirmed by a man who told me he was afraid of me because he thought I was a “nigga.” After being warned about post-apartheid, I figured it had something to do with that. However, I was shocked because other people that lived there assumed I was from there. It became confusing.

Therefore, when I returned  home I started to question my parents. It was important for me to know my roots. I was shocked to discover that my mother's side of the family, in fact, came from India, while my father's side came from the Dominican Republic. I was perplexed by the cultural information I received. It is an unexplainable feeling to discover where you truly came from through visiting a place you thought you were from.