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Cognitive Science Graduate Certificate

A graduate certificate in the exciting and fast-growing interdisciplinary field of Cognitive Science can be earned by completing 12 credits selected from among five distinct areas of contemporary inquiry: Cognition and Computation; Philosophy and Cognition, Psychology and Cognition, Language and Cognition and Neuroscience and Cognition.

The course list below is organized into these five groupings. Both PhD candidates and Master’s degree candidates from any department are eligible for certification. The interdisciplinary curriculum of the Certificate Program is drawn from existing courses within the departments of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Neuroscience, and Linguistics. Of the four required courses (a minimum of 12 credit hours), the Certificate Program requires that at least two courses (a minimum of 6 credit hours) must be taken outside of the student’s home graduate program.

Students interested in the Graduate Certificate should email

Computation and Cognition

EECS 492 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
EECS 545 Machine Learning
EECS 592 Foundations of Artificial Intelligence  
PSY 643 Theory of Neural Computation
PSY/EECS 644 Computational Modelling of Cognition
PSY 721 Mathematical Psychology
PSY 808 Complexity and Emergence


Language and Cognition

LING 512 Intro to Phonetics
LING 513 Introduction to Phonology
LING 515 Generative Syntax
LING 541/EECS 595/SI 561 Natural Language Processing
PSY 547 Experimental Methods in Language Processing Research
LING 612 Advanced Phonetics
LING 613 Advanced Phonology
LING 615 Advanced Syntax
LING 815 Seminar in Syntax
LING 812 Seminar in Phonetics
LING 514 Semantics and Pragmatics
LING 614 Advanced Semantics
PSY 745/LING 745 Psychology of Language
LING/PSY 756 Development of Language and Communication Skills
PSY 808 Analyzing Language Corpora
PSY 808 Seminar in Psycholinguistics
PSY 808 Seminar in Second Language Acquisition

Neuroscience and Cognition

PSY 643 Theory of Neural Computation
PSY 741 Basic Processes in Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience
PSY 758 Developmental Neuroscience of Human Behavior
PSY 840/BioMed 499 Introduction to Functional FMRI
PSY 841 Designing and Analyzing Functional MRI Experiments
PSY 958 Developmental Population Neuroscience
PSY 988 Genetics for Behavioral and Social Sciences
PSY 808 Neurophysiology of Decision-Making

Philosophy and Cognition

400 level Philosophy courses are already approved for graduate credit which can be earned only if the student meets extra work requirements as specified by the Instructor
PHIL 409 Philosophy of Language
PHIL 443 Rational Choice
PHIL 482 Phil of Mind

Courses that may be counted, depending on content and by petition:
PHIL 413 Formal Methods
PHIL 414 Mathematical Logic
PHIL 420 Philosophy of Science
PHIL 429 Ethical Analysis

Certificate candidates with more Philosophy background can take the following 500 and 600 level courses
PHIL 615 Philosophy of Language (a Weinberg funded seminar)

Courses that may be counted, depending on content and by petition:
PHIL 576 Topics in Social-Political Philosophy
PHIL 602 Philosophy of Science
PHIL 616 Philosophy of Mathematics 
PHIL 640 Seminar in Ethics

Psychology and Cognition

PSY 741 Sensory Processes
• PSY 743 Human Learning and Memory  
• PSY 747
Models of Thinking
• PSY 748 Complex Cognitive Processes
• PSY 751 Cognitive Development
• PSY 958 Learning, Thinking & Problem-Solving