The Minor in Writing and Peer Writing Consultant Program, two of Sweetland’s most robust and active undergraduate programs, continue to thrive and grow after a full year of being “back to a new normal.” Both of these programs succeed because they’re driven by some of U-M’s most dedicated and talented students–and, perhaps more importantly, generous humans who look out for each other’s academic and personal wellbeing. What makes these programs so special in the U-M ecosystem is their focus on community, and on the importance of writing in multiple contexts. As it happens, they also represent a pretty accurate microcosm of the larger U-M population and fields of study. Students who might never have met one another because of their major tracks come together and share their expertise and enthusiasm across disciplinary specialties, making the learning they do even more robust and multifaceted. Here, we want to share with you some insights from students about how participating in the Minor in Writing and in the Peer Writing Consultant Program has affected their lives and careers after graduation. We thank these students for sharing their wonderful stories with us.

Peer Writing Consultant Program

Ari Kok

My time with the Sweetland Peer Writing Consultant Program has been remarkable, and has shaped both my undergraduate career and the decisions I will make post-graduation for years to come. Through this role, I've honed my communication skills, deepened my understanding of writing processes, and cultivated a more nuanced approach to mentorship and peer collaboration. With each meeting, I always had the opportunity to learn as much from writers as they might have from me; consulting is a two-way street and a conversation that does not end after the consultation is done. I was also lucky enough to get hands-on with administrative processes as a Program Assistant, where I worked closely with my wonderful supervisors and an incredible peer to implement changes that will benefit consultants and writers far into the future. Serving as a Program Assistant has been instrumental in enhancing my organizational and leadership skills, and I cannot wait to see how future peer leaders elevate this experience for everyone involved.

Francesca Di Geronimo

Working at Sweetland as a Peer Writing Consultant (PWC) was one of the most fun and formative experiences in my undergraduate career. I enjoyed working with my peers, being exposed to different forms of writing, and being part of the Sweetland family. Looking back, I could not be more grateful for the skills and experiences the Sweetland has provided me. Presently, I am working on my Master’s in Developmental Psychology at Teachers College Columbia University. I am working for the Laboratory for Clinical and Developmental Studies (LCDS), where we examine the qualities of naturally occurring future thoughts among adolescents and the degree to which they relate to suicidal thinking. I am also working on an independent project studying how pubertal development influences substance use. Though it’s a lot of work, the writing and empathy skills I learned as a consultant have given me the confidence to keep growing as a scholar.

Minor in Writing

Heather Kobasic

The Minor in Writing program at the University of Michigan was the coziest, most-welcoming space I ever had the honor of partaking in during my time as an undergrad at U of M. I was blown away that every class I took for the program had such an outstanding instructor and engaging curriculum. I got to write in ways that I hadn’t experienced before and take risks in my work that I knew I was supported in. To say it helped me grow as a writer is an understatement. What a warm, caring community; getting to be a part of it was such a joy. I’m now a graduate student at the Marsal Family School of Education here at U of M. I’m studying English Language Arts for secondary education, and I’m so grateful for the skills I’ve learned through the MiW program. I have found that not just my writing abilities have grown, but also my ability to connect with people and collaborate, which have been integral to my success in the SecMac program so far.

Blake Byle

As a transfer student and senior, I completed the Sweetland Minor in Writing Program within one year. Although my time within the program was short, I built everlasting relationships with faculty, administration, and classmates. The program allowed me to strengthen my communication skills in multiple settings and genres which has prepared me for my current position as a caucus fundraiser for Michigan House Democrats. I utilize these skills every day whether it's writing a fundraising email, doing preparation for events, or even just talking one-on-one with Representatives and colleagues. I highly recommend the Sweetland Minor in Writing program because it allowed me to get the most out of my education by providing me with the necessary skills needed to excel post-graduation.


Please join us in celebrating these wonderful and talented graduates:

Minor in Writing

Madi Altman
Sarah Bellovich
Blake D. Byle
Caroline Carr
Hannah Carapellotti
Kevin Chen
Jessica D'Agostino
Francesca Giovanna De Geronimo
Sara Hannah Deichman
Clara Dossetter
Matthew Eitzman
Melanie Esterine
Sai Ghantasala
Julia Goldish
Julia Gordon
Jared Greenspan
Molly Hirsch
Grace Hovda
Mahnoor Imran
David Johnston
Lily Karson
Eileen Kelly
Heather Kobasic
Krystal Koski

Minor in Writing

Samhita Kotapati
Lily Kraft
Dawn HY Lau
Yuki Low
Analese Lutz
Mimi Maixner
Julia Meguid
Giselle Mills
Abigail Nighswonger
Lauren Ors
Alyssa Reiter
Lauren Rodolitz
Taylor Schott
Heather Sherr
Jarryn Shin
Kailyn Simmons
Lindsey Smiles
Evan Stern
Yuyao Sun
Isabella Tape
Joshua Taubman
Alexa Weinberg
Noah Zimmerman

Peer Writing Consultant Program

Caroline Atkinson
Francesca Giovanna De Geronimo
Jacqueline Giessler
Alicia Haun
Arianne (Ari) Kok
Peter Yongjin Nam
Erica M. Nelson
Sarah Ong
Lindsey Smiles
Andrea Wong