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Welcome Graduate Students!

Sweetland offers one-to-one, in-person and online writing assistance for U-M Ann Arbor graduate students in Writing Workshop. This service allows you to meet individually with an experienced faculty consultant at any stage of writing, from getting started to final revisions. You can get help with understanding assignments, generating ideas, developing arguments, organizing and structuring your project, using evidence and sources, and clarifying your expression. To get a sense of what to expect, please read our Policies and Procedures below before attending your first Writing Workshop session.

Winter 2023 Hours


Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Online and In-person appointments.

In-person appointments are held at 1310 North Quad.

What Work Can Graduate Students Bring to Writing Workshop?

Writing Workshop is funded by the university for materials related to courses and academic research that have to do with your U-M affiliation. Writing Workshop faculty consultants can help with any writing or multimodal/digital media project that pertains to your academic and/or research pursuits as a graduate student, including course assignments, dissertation chapters, conference papers, articles, and personal/research/teaching/DEI statements that you write, deliver, apply to, and benefit from while you are enrolled at U-M.” (Note: There is a two-appointment maximum for any given statement.)

We look forward to working with graduate students on:

  • Course Assignments
  • Course Materials that are job materials
  • Dissertation Chapters
  • Conference Papers
  • Articles for publication
  • Research Proposals
  • Personal/research/teaching/DEI Statements (2 max)

We are unable to work with graduate students on:

  • Personal Writing outside of academic realm
  • Complete Applications (i.e. portfolios and folders)
  • Cover Letters for jobs
  • CVs and Resumes
  • Qualifying Exams
  • GRE/TOEFL/ etc.

International Graduate Students

If you would prefer to meet with a second language specialist, please schedule an appointment with the ELI Graduate Writing Clinic.

U-M Flint and Dearborn Graduate Students

U-M Flint and U-M Dearborn Writing Centers serve graduate students at their respective universities.

Post-docs, Faculty, & Staff

Sweetland is not funded by the university to serve post-docs, faculty, or staff. The ELI Graduate Writing Clinic is open to U-M post-docs, faculty, and staff on a limited basis.

Writing Workshop Policies and Procedures


Sweetland asks students to wear masks during in-person Writing Workshop sessions and faculty office hours. If you prefer not to mask or if you would like to speak with a writing consultant who is not wearing a mask, please make an appointment for a remote meeting.

Before scheduling a Writing Workshop appointment

If you are disabled, please let us know what you may need to have an effective consultation. It would help us greatly if you give us advance notice by emailing about any steps we could take to make this consultation fully accessible for you.

Your instructor cannot require you to visit Writing Workshop and consultants cannot sign anything or otherwise provide evidence of your visit. If you come see us, we want it to be your choice, and we know from research and experience that writing consultation works best when you genuinely want to talk to us.

If you’re working on a collaborative or group project, we need 50% or more of the group to be present for the consultation, so that your visit is also part of the collaboration.

Check with us or your instructor before bringing in a take-home exam. Consultants cannot help you with take-home exams unless the instructor has given Sweetland written permission to provide assistance. Sweetland needs to receive the permission, by email to, at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Thanks for helping us respect university standards for academic integrity.

Scheduling your appointment

Writing Workshop Appointment and Scheduling Limits

You may schedule two 30-minute or one 60-minute appointment per week, with a limit of seven hours per full term (four hours per half term), including walk-ins. There is a two appointment maximum for grant proposals or fellowship applications support. These limits allow us to meet with as many students as we can each term. Appointments can be scheduled up to seven calendar days in advance.

Scheduling your appointment

1. Visit Sweetland’s Writing Workshop scheduling website.

2. Follow the instructions on the scheduling website main page.

3. If you have already registered this academic year, please type in your email address and the password you created. Previously registered students will need to update their account information each year. If you have not registered, follow the instructions to register.

4. The next page that will load (the Schedule) is where you can make your appointment. Openings in the schedule are identified by white blocks.

5. Locate the day, time, and consultant (if preferred) you would like an appointment with. Click on the appropriate white block of time; a “New appointment” window will appear.

6. Complete the form.

7. Click "Save" to make your appointment.

8. You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment.

Appointment Waitlist

If all available appointments are booked on the day you wish to visit, you may sign up for the waitlist.

1. From the Schedule page, click on the clock icon to the left of the date you wish to visit, and the waitlist window will appear.

2. Select your preferences then click the “add to waiting list” button. 

When there is a cancellation, you will be notified via email or text message. Then, you may schedule the appointment as usual. Other students on the waitlist will also receive an email or text notification, and appointments will be scheduled on a first-come first-served basis.

Appointment Day - What to Have With You, Late Arrivals, and What Happens

What to Have With You

1. Reasonable expectations: What one or two issues would you like to discuss with the writing consultant? If you have a really long paper, on what part or parts would you like to focus?

2. Your assignment sheet, writing prompt, and any guidelines or rubrics you’ve been given.

3. Ideas about or a draft of your writing project in electronic or hard copy.

When You Arrive

For In-Person Appointments: Please use the self check-in when you arrive. Have a seat in our lobby and your consultant will meet you there. 

Sweetland asks students to wear masks during in-person Writing Workshop sessions and faculty office hours.  If you prefer not to mask or if you would like to speak with a writing consultant who is not wearing a mask, please make an appointment for a remote meeting.

For Online Appointments: See the Online Consultations - How to section below.

Late Arrivals

Arriving on time ensures that you and the consultant will have ample time to discuss your writing. If you are 10 or more minutes late, we cannot work with you effectively, and we will need to cancel your appointment.

What Happens at Your Consultation

1. Most sessions begin with a brief discussion of the assignment you're working on and the kind of help you're looking for.

2. Come prepared to participate in an active collaboration with your consultant -- for example, by asking and answering questions, reading through the paper aloud, generating ideas, making notes on your own draft, etc.

3. An effective session will often focus on global concerns (e.g., thesis, ideas, evidence, organization) before addressing local language such as grammar and punctuation. Prioritizing global concerns assures that you won’t spend time fixing sentences that might not even support your aim for the paper.

4. While consultants are happy to work with you on your local mechanical and grammatical concerns, we avoid proofreading or "correcting" papers. We can help you identify patterns of error, proofread more effectively, and improve clarity and style. If you’re ready to address particular local concerns, expect to focus on one or two concerns per consultation.

Rescheduling or Canceling Your Appointment

If for any reason you need to modify or cancel an appointment, try to let us know at least 90 minutes prior to the appointment time. This allows Sweetland to assist as many writers as possible. Thank you for your courtesy to our consultants and your fellow writers!

Please schedule, modify, and cancel your own appointments online. You may contact the Sweetland information desk via if you encounter technical difficulties with the scheduling system or have questions about your appointment.

How to Reschedule or Cancel Appointments

1. Visit the Writing Workshop scheduling site where you made your appointment.

2. Select the Schedule from the drop-down menu on which you made your initial reservation.

3. Navigate to the date on which your appointment was scheduled.

4. Click on the orange box, which opens your reservation panel.

5. If you need to make a change, edit the panel as necessary. Click “Save Changes.” If you need to cancel the appointment, select the "cancel" box at the bottom of the page. Then click "Save Changes."

6. You will receive an email notification confirming the change.

What if Sweetland needs to cancel my appointment? (e.g., my consultant is ill)

If the Sweetland Center for Writing needs to cancel your appointment due to consultant illness, you will be notified by email as soon as possible. We will make every effort to reschedule the appointment with another consultant for the same time before canceling an appointment.

Missed Appointments

If you miss an appointment, you will be unable to schedule another appointment for one week. You will be notified via email when this occurs. Although you won’t be able to make an appointment, you are still welcome to use Sweetland’s walk-in services. If you miss two appointments, you will be unable to schedule an appointment for the remainder of the semester; however, you may continue to use our services on a walk-in basis. These policies help us serve as many students as possible each semester.

Loss of Power / Internet Connectivity

In the event you or the consultant lose power or internet connectivity during your online appointment, please attempt to reconnect to the appointment, as long as there is time remaining in your original appointment time slot. If reconnecting fails, your session will end at that time and you will be able to reschedule.  

Please email to notify Sweetland's Writing Workshop Coordinator that your appointment was disconnected prematurely due to power or internet connectivity issues and that you would like to schedule another appointment.

You'll receive a response as soon as possible letting you know you may schedule another appointment that same week. 

Online Consultations - How To

Please turn on your cameras and microphones for your synchronous online Writing Workshop appointments. These are intended to mirror our in-person appointments as much as possible, and therefore rely on direct dialogue. We understand that extenuating circumstances may make it impossible to turn on your camera; if that is the case, please inform your consultant and you can have a discussion about possibly rescheduling the appointment.

1. Log in to our online schedule where you made your appointment.

2. Click on your appointment box at least five minutes prior to the start time.

3. In the Appointment Window, click the Start or Join Online Consultation link.

4. In the new popup window, click Connect then click Start Publishing.

5. In the bottom right corner click Start Video Chat.

6. An Adobe Flash Player dialog box will ask you for Camera and Microphone access. Choose Allow. Note: We recommend wearing headphones during the session to prevent audio feedback.

7. Should you have difficulty connecting via video you can use the Text Chat Box in the lower right hand corner to communicate with your Consultant.

8. The Consultant will guide you through uploading your paper. If you are early, you can read the information posted on the Whiteboard (main text area) about how the interface works.