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Fellows Seminar

The Fellows Seminar brings together graduate student instructors (Junior Fellows) and faculty (Senior Fellows) from multiple disciplines who share a commitment to integrating writing in their courses. The program is supported by the College of Literature, Science & the Arts, the Rackham Graduate School, and the Sweetland Center for Writing.

All seminar participants share an interest in:

  • helping students become better writers;
  • integrating writing in their courses;
  • and discussing critical issues in the teaching of writing with colleagues.

In the winter term, Senior Fellows:

  • meet on Fridays from 1-3 PM;
  • confer with visiting experts;
  • discuss teaching and writing with colleagues across disciplines; and
  • develop plans for integrating writing into courses
  • receive $4,000 in a research account or “project grant” in their unit during the winter term for participating in the Seminar.

In the fall term, Senior Fellows are expected to do one of the following:

  • facilitate a faculty and/or graduate student workshop, 
  • teach a First-Year Seminar, or 
  • teach a course that meets the Upper-Level Writing Requirement (ULWR)

Applying for a Senior Fellowship

Application materials include:

  • A letter (maximum two pages) describing your interest in teaching writing in your discipline
  • Curriculum Vitae

The application deadline for 2018 has passed (Next deadline to apply will be in March of 2018). Selections will be announced via email in early April.

Contact Laura at or 936-3144 with questions.

What previous participants have said:

Tim McKay
Professor of Physics
Director, Honors Program

"I really enjoyed the Seminar and find myself missing it. Having had little opportunity to explore the scholarship of writing, I learned a tremendous amount and have a renewed commitment to rescuing the writing training of students in the sciences."

Mika Lavaque-Manty
Associate Professor, Political Science

"Seminar readings and, in particular, the discussions were extremely helpful for thinking not only about the role of writing in my pedagogy, but the role of genre and new media in my scholarship more broadly."

Past guests and participants

The Sweetland Podcast Series: Topics in Writing features interviews with guests at the Sweetland Fellows Seminar about current topics in the teaching of writing. Each of these guests, an expert in the field, is interviewed by T Hetzel, a member of the faculty at the Sweetland Center for Writing.

Current Participants

Senior Fellows (Faculty)
Samer Ali, Near Eastern Studies
Gary Beckman, Near Eastern Studies
Anne Gere, Sweetland
Elizabeth Goodenough, Residential College
Shuwen Li, Sweetland
Vilma Mesa, School of Education
Sheila Murphy, Screen Arts & Cultures

Junior Fellows (Grad Students)
Alena Aniskiewicz, Slavic Languages & Literature
Christian Greenhill, Materials Science & Engineering
Jacqueline Larios, History
Lori Smithey, Architecture & Urban Planning
Elizabeth Tinsley Johnson, Anthropology