Thanks to all of our alums who contributed their updates for this year's newsletter. If you are a Sweetland alum (Minor in Writing, Peer Writing Consultant/Peer Tutor, or MWrite), you can send us your update via the form on our Alums Gallery. We look forward to hearing from you!

Edwin Mayes • Peer Writing Consultant • English & German 2018

I spent a year working as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Germany after graduation. That experience convinced me that I wanted to pursue a career in education, so I returned to U of M to earn a Master's degree and become certified. Now, I teach middle school English in Bentonville, Arkansas. I use the interpersonal skills and writing expertise that I developed at Sweetland every day.

Elise Vocke • Minor in Writing • International Studies 2019

I am living and working in Madrid, Spain. I received my master's degree at IE Business School in Madrid and am working in sales at a startup in Spain now. I learned how to foster my creativity to create content that is sent out to potential clients regarding the startup's services.

Sita Subramanian • Peer Writing Consultant • BBA 2018

I now work in Capital Strategy at Bank of America, reading and interpreting new banking regulations and helping to write the bank's annual capital, recovery, and resolution plans.

Abigail Nighswonger • Minor in Writing • Sociology 2023

I moved to Missoula, Montana to work as a Case Manager for the University of Montana's Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX. At Sweetland I learned how to write concisely and effectively. At work, this skill enables me to turn complicated, conflicting, or incomplete accounts into understandable, written summaries.  

Aria Gerson • Minor in Writing • Political Science 2021

I currently work in Nashville, Tennessee, as a sports reporter for The Tennessean newspaper. I cover Vanderbilt football, baseball and men’s basketball. Writing full-time for my job now, I appreciate the experience I got from Sweetland.  

Serena Pergola • Minor in Writing • Communication Studies 2019

I authored The Silver Lining: The Intersection of Sexual Assault and Anxiety Through the World of Gymnastics published in December 2019. This vulnerable work allowed me to explore why I was put on Earth. I had to be equipped with tools to serve patients in their formative years, positively impacting the trajectory of their wellness and ultimately their lives. I went on earning my second bachelor’s in nursing, now serving as a Pediatric RN at Mott Children’s Hospital. To dive deeper, I’m pursuing my MSN becoming a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-Acute Care interested in Hematology/Oncology with opportunities for non-profit work alongside patient care. 

Lucy Freeman • Minor in Writing & MWrite • Communication Studies 2021

I live in Austin, TX and work in digital marketing for live music touring! I write reports, ad copy, and emails to a variety of audiences on a daily basis. I’m able to combine creative thinking and analytical writing with ease thanks to the writing minor! 

Alex Pan • Minor in Writing • BBA, Psychology, Organizational Studies 2021

I'm making a video game :) Writing is a major part in crafting a meaningful, immersive audovisual experience.

Skylar Burkhardt • Peer Writing Consultant • Psychology, Organizational Studies 2019

Today I serve as the Data & Impact Manager at an out of school time program based in Detroit, the Downtown Boxing Gym (DBG). Part of my role is overseeing the literacy mentoring program at DBG, which has historically utilized external volunteers. One of my favorite parts of my time at DBG has been helping build out peer mentoring within the academic department. Our high school students are now a significant percentage of our volunteers everyday.

Eli Scheinholtz • Minor in Writing • Communication Studies, Political Studies 2017

I work in policy communications for DoorDash in New York City, helping to tell our story about how we’re able to grow and empower local economies. From driving the communications for our legislative campaigns to leading exciting new product announcements, it has been an incredible opportunity, and I’m grateful that the Sweetland Writing Center prepared me well to build a compelling narrative and know how to share it! 

Adela Baker • Peer Writing Consultant • English 2020

I am a 2L at Harvard Law School planning to work in corporate tax law at an internship this summer. At Harvard, I'm involved in Christian Fellowship and spend time reading for my fiction book club and providing LSAT and law school personal statement tutoring. I think of my experience in the Peer Writing Consultant Program at Sweetland often, and use the skills I learned there of how to structure writing, play a supporting role in advising writers on their work, and build rapport with new people almost every day.

Ashley Preston • Minor in Writing • Communication Studies 2018

I excelled in writing roles for internal and external communications for five years before switching paths into project and operations management. I began a program management role in the automotive finance industry in fall 2023 and expect to graduate with my Master of Business Administration in spring 2024. Writing has played an integral role in my professional career and continues to be a critical skill, even outside of more journalistic roles. 

Caitlyn Zawideh • Minor in Writing • English 2020

I use what I learned at Sweetland every day as a Content Designer at Microsoft, where I use language to collaborate across disciplines, solve problems, and design products for a variety of audiences. Outside of work, I’ve also continued creative writing and have pieces published in Sonora Review and Pidgeonholes. I’m currently living in Seattle. 

Mollie Fox • Minor in Writing • History of Art 2018

After graudating with a degree in History of Art and minors in Writing and Museum Studies, I stayed at Michigan for the Masters of Management. I then spent two years at Google as an account manager helping small businesses with their Google Ads strategy. I now am back in the art world at Sotheby's in New York. I manage paid marketing globally for the Buy Now (e-commerce) business. From writing ad copy to case studies and performance reports, I am constantly utilizing what I learned from my time at Sweetland to effectively communicate with colleagues and clients around the world. 

Logan Corey • Peer Writing Consultant • Creative Writing & Literature (RC) 2013

I recently left my position as Director of Admissions, Recruitment, and MLC Administration in the UM Residential College to join the UM Ford School of Public Policy as their Senior Recruiting Coordinator. Just before I left, I was presented with the Kay Beattie Outstanding Individual Award as part of the annual LSA staff awards (while in costume as Arthur Dent from "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" per the event's literary theme). I use my skills honed at Sweetland everyday - from how I approach collaboration and editing to writing and revising new content. :)

Isaac Ahuvia • Peer Writing Consultant • Sociology 2016

I'm currently a Ph.D. candidate in clinical psychology at Stony Brook University. I use the skills I learned at Sweetland all of the time in my role, both in my own writing and when working with mentees. I always emphasize structure and organization in writing, and regularly encourage mentees to use reverse outlines when writing research papers.

Sarah Bellovich • Minor in Writing • International Studies 2023

Since graduation, I have made my way to Geneva, Switzerland where I am pursuing a Masters in International and Developmental Studies. The skills Sweetland helped me to develop have provided me with the confidence to produce research and reports at an international level. Currently, through my MA program, I am working with the global organization, Sphere, to investigate humanitarian standards and education at under and post graduate levels. 

Lexi Wung • Minor in Writing • Psychology 2017

After graduating I taught middle school English Language Arts in Baltimore City through Teach For America. I then came back to Ann Arbor to receive my J.D. at the University of Michigan Law School. I am now an attorney at Kirkland & Ellis in Chicago! I use the skills gained from my Sweetland minor every single day as I read, write, and analyze caselaw. Being an effective attorney is about being able to tell a compelling story, and my Sweetland minor has been an invaluable tool in my career.  

Chris Haddlesey • Peer Writing Consultant • Music Education 2015

My time as a Sweetland eHygiene Tutor ended up being the catalyst for my career: it led to an adjunct lecturer position at the School of Dentistry, in which I encourage my writing students to take advantage of everything Sweetland has to offer, and a full-time job in medical editing. I work remotely from Philadelphia for the time being, but I hope to return to Michigan soon. I use the skills I learned at Sweetland every day and am thankful to have been given the opportunity.

Michaela Minnis • Peer Writing Consultant • Public Policy 2022

I am now living and working in Washington, D.C. as a Global Child Health Policy Assistant at the American Academy of Pediatrics, a medical member society and a children’s health advocacy organization. I advocate to Congress and the Administration on global children’s issues, and I use both written and verbal communication to do this. Thanks to being a Peer Writing Consultant at Sweetland for 2 years, I can confidently use writing and verbal one-on-one communication to advocate on children’s issues to a variety of audiences.  

Adele Werner (Gendron) • Minor in Writing • Communication Studies 2019

Post-graduation I moved to St. Louis, MO where I began working in the marketing department of a publishing company. Since then, I've moved three times, become a mother, and have landed back in publishing as a Marketing Content Specialist. In this role, I utilize my Sweetland skills greatly. I write product descriptions, blog posts, the words on the back of book covers and more. I remember feeling silly in Writing 220 when T Hetzel asked us to say "I'm a writer" out-loud... but that's exactly what I am. My next goal: submit a book proposal!

Laura Berger • Peer Writing Consultant • BA 2000

I live in West Hartford, CT and I work as an intensive care nurse in a hospital. 

Ashley • Peer Writing Consultant • Political Science, Creative Writing and Literature 2017

I returned to the University of Michigan in 2019 for law school and moved to Chicago afterwards to work in legal aid. I write every day for my job, for a variety of different audiences. My experience as a peer tutor helps me effectively interview clients and accurately communicate their lived experience in legal documents. Our office also collaboratively edits our documents before filing, and I think my training at Sweetland has helped me contribute productively to these editing sessions. Finally, litigation is all about telling stories -- Sweetland helped me understand the mechanics of how to do that well.