The Minor in Writing and Peer Writing Consultant Program are two of the most popular programs in Sweetland. One of their strengths is the sense of community they instill in their students, who end up seeing the programs as influential to their being students at U-M. For the past 2 years, the pandemic has tested this sense of community and belonging, since most activities have turned to being remote and via Zoom.

The students in the two programs, though, have persevered and supported each other, guaranteeing the continuing success of the programs. Because of this, we believe this year’s class deserves a particular round of applause.

Here, we want to share with you some insights from students about how participating in the Minor in Writing and in the Peer Writing Consultant Program affected their careers and lives after college. We thank these students for sharing their wonderful stories with us.

Michaela Minnis, PWCP

I spent two years as a Peer Writing Consultant (PWC) at Sweetland, and it was one of the best experiences in my undergraduate career! I enjoyed working with student-peers in their writing processes and journeys, and learning tutoring strategies from other consultants.

As a PWC, I learned how to collaborate with other students in an online environment and use creative ways to make students feel comfortable and excited about the writing process. Now, I work as a Youth Engagement and Program Associate at Georgetown Law’s Initiative on Gender Justice and Opportunity, and the interpersonal, listening, and advocacy skills I learned as a consultant have been integral to my engagement with the young people we work with, who work alongside us in the fight for gender justice!

Elizabeth Knight, MiW

Applying for the Sweetland Minor in Writing was one of the best decisions I made at the University of Michigan. As a musician, I’ve always thought of writing as a second passion, completely separate from my primary goals. I joined the MiW because I wanted to continue to do something that I loved, despite the fact that I had chosen to study something else, but it turned out to be a catalyst for me. The Sweetland faculty pushed and supported me in ways that I didn’t expect. I became a better artist, and in turn I am now a better musician. Since graduating, I no longer view music and writing as separate, but instead as a unified endeavor where one aspect drives the other. I couldn’t be more thankful for the MiW community!

Kelly Souza, PWCP

Working at the Sweetland Peer Writing Center was a major highlight of my undergraduate experience! As someone who fell in love with Ann Arbor the first day stepping foot on campus, it broke my heart to take classes remotely during the height of the pandemic. That’s why, when I was hired as a peer writing consultant, I felt closer than ever to the university community by joining a group of brilliant undergraduates who share the same passion for writing that I do! Upon returning back to campus the following year, I developed and refined my practice in making consultations with writers a space for conversation, reflection, compassion, and joy. My overall growth during that time as a consultant, writer, learner, and person is what enabled me to currently pursue a degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, with a focus in ELA secondary education. I am delighted to enter a profession that will allow me to pass on the same skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm about writing to high school students that was once instilled in me during my time at the University of Michigan!


The 2021/2022 academic year saw the graduation of 47 students in the Minor in Writing, and 18 students from the Peer Writing Consultant Program. Please join us in celebrating these wonderful and talented graduates:

Minor in Writing

Adam Bernstein
Alison Schulkin
Amishi Taneja
Andie Horowitz
Angelina Little
Avery Wolf
Brendan Roose
Cherish Dean
Chloe Faegenburg
Danielle Fink
Elin Stone
Emily Buckley
Isabella Jacobson
Jack Toor
Jack Whitten
Julia Salamango
Kara Warnke
Kerri Kenney
Kristen Boudreau
Lane Kizziah
Lauren Foulks
Lauren Trail
Lily Jin
Lindsey Aprahamian

Minor in Writing

Livvy Hintz
Liza Knight
Lyndsay White
Madison Hernandez
Madylin Eberstein
Malin Andersson
Marc Skriloff
Margaret Michalowski
McKenna Sabon
Micah Krakoff
Morgan Jonas
Natalia Szura
Nealie Silverstein
Niko Kesson
Priscila Flores
Raegan Blue
Samantha Cole
Sanna Ghafoor
Subarna Bhattacharya
Sunitha Palat
Sydney Moore
Thomas Wiaduck
William Brown

Peer Writing Consultant Program

Dequan Gambrell
Elise Godfryd
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Williamson
Elizabeth (Liza) Knight
Grace Brown
Henry Hu
Kaitlyn Fox
Kelly Souza
Kim-Van Pham
Maya Simonte
Michaela Minnis
Olivia Hurtado
Pearl Sun
Sam Braden
Steve Liu
Sydney Moore
Teuta Zeneli
Uma Pandit