MSSISS 2023 Stats Award Winners

Declan McNamara, PhD Student - Best Speed Oral Presentation

"Likelihood-Free Inference for Deblending Galaxy Spectra"

Alexander Kagan, PhD Student - Best Poster

"Influence Maximization under Generalized Linear Threshold Models"

Felipe Maia Polo, PhD Student - Honorable Mention | Poster

"Conditional Independence Testing under Model Misspecification"

Shushu Zhang, PhD Student - Honorable Mention | Long Oral Presentation

"Estimation and Inference for High-dimensional Expected Shortfall Regression"

Simon Nguyen, Bridge Master’s Student - Honorable Mention | Poster

"Optimal Full Matching under a New Constraint on the Sharing of Controls Application in Pediatric Critical Care"

Congratulations to the 2023 MSSISS Award Winners featured above.

The Michigan Student Symposium for Interdisciplinary Statistical Sciences (MSSISS) was held on Thursday, March 9th and Friday, March 10th, 2023 at the Rackham Graduate School. The U-M Department of Statistics would like to congratulate the many students from our department who received an award this year.

MSSISS is an annual event organized by graduate students in Biostatistics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Industrial and Operations Engineering, Statistics, and Survey Methodology. Our department would like to extend a special thanks to all who participated and made the event possible, including our student lead organizer Ki Hong, Professor Johann Gagnon-Bartsch, a member of the MSSISS faculty advisory committee, and our staff support from Judy McDonald and Kristy Robinson. Congratulations to all on a job well done!