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Undergraduate FAQs

Q: What do I do to declare a major in Data Science, Informatics or Statistics or a minor in Statistics?
A: To declare, please make an appointment with one of our faculty advisors. During the appointment, your faculty advisor will review your academic plan and ask you to complete the LSA major/Minor Declaration form. (Forms are also available in the main office of the Department of Statistics).

Q: How do I make an appointment to declare a major in Data Science, Informatics or Statistics, or a minor in Statistics?
A: You can schedule an advising appointment in the Department of Statistics online. You will be required to login using your U-M uniqname and Kerberos password. Once logged in, simply choose a reason for your appointment, advisor preference if you have one and then select a time frame in which you would like to meet with an advisor. Hit the “List Appointments” button and a list of all available appointments matching your criteria will be returned. If you don’t get any results, try expanding your search criteria.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at

Q: I have not yet declared a major, but I would like to declare a minor or an applied minor in Statistics. I would like to enroll in a class that is reserved for Statistics students.  What can I do?
A: It is not possible to declare a minor until you have declared a major. You may, however, make an appointment with a faculty advisor in the Department of Statistics to complete the minor declaration form. If space is available, permissions for courses reserved for Statistics student will be granted. Permission inquiries can be sent to

Note: The declaration of a minor or applied minor in Statistics will be held until the declaration of a major has been made. Once a major declaration has been made, the minor declaration will be processed.

Q: Will credits from a course taken at another college or university transfer to the University of Michigan? What is the transfer equivalency?
A: See our page on Transfer Credit

Q: If I pass the AP exam, what course will this credit replace?
A: The AP credit will not replace any Statistics course. Instead, the credit received for the AP placement will count as general credit toward graduation. See LSA's AP Credits Summary

Q: How do I get into the STATS 250 lecture and lab of my choice if it is closed?
A: Please monitor Wolverine Access for openings (other students may drop or switch sections), and follow waitlist instructions. Remember, STATS 250 is offered in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer terms, so you may want to elect an alternative course this term and take STATS 250 in the future.

Q: If I enroll in a STATS 250 lecture but that time slot does not fit my schedule, may I attend another lecture?
A: No. You must attend the lecture that you registered for.

Q: The lecture and lab in a course in which I am currently enrolled in does not fit my schedule. May I switch to another lecture and lab?
A: Yes, if the alternative lecture and lab have open seats. If seats are not available in another section, please monitor Wolverine for openings (other students may drop or switch sections), and follow waitlist instructions.

Q: I need a certain course in order to graduate on time. May I get an override?
A: If space is available, overrides will be issued based on multiple criteria, including expected date of graduation, status as a Statistics student, and so on. Please contact with your request.

Q: I would like to enroll in a STATS course but it says that the seats are reserved for Statistics students.  How can I get into the class?
A: Once all Statistics students have had the opportunity to enroll, the course will be open to non-statistics students.

Q: I would like to contact an instructor for an override, but the instructor’s name is not listed in Wolverine Access. Could you please let me know who will be teaching the class?
A: Instructors do not issue overrides. Please communicate with regarding requests for overrides.

Q: May I get an override for MATH/STATS 425?
A: Overrides for MATH/STATS 425 are processed by the Department of Mathematics.

Q: I am a Statistics student (major or minor) and will be applying for graduation. I need to complete a release form for LSA.  What do I need to do?
A: First you will need to apply for graduation by submitting a diploma application on-line through Wolverine Access Student Business. You will then need to make an appointment with one of our academic advisors to discuss your progress toward degree. After the audit, your advisor will submit the online release to the LSA Academic Auditors Office.